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Ironworks– Mississippi Iron Works 1928 Flood and Sale

Ironworks– Mississippi Iron Works 1928 Flood and Sale

November 1928

With the transfer within a short time of the Mississippi Iron Works, Limited, from Almonte to Hull, says. Ottawa’s neighboring city will have a new industry which will employ from the start about 60 men and expects to have 100 to 150 men when-fully in operation. The change from Almonte ‘to Hull was made possible through the efforts of a group of Hull city officials and businessmen.

The Mississippi Iron Works was established in Almonte in 1875 and since then has manufactured agricultural machinery, chiefly tanning mills; plows and grain and seed separators of various kinds. A site on Montcalm street near the Hull West station has been obtained. On it stands a solid brick two storey building ,around which is room for expansion. A new company to operate the iron works will be organized within 10 days and manufacturing will be started soon after. 

The Hull men backing the new industry are Mayor Theo Lambert, Ald. W. S. Larose, H. A. Champagne, J. B. Pharand, George H. Brunet, A. W. Monette, N. A. McDonald, Joseph Caron, Omer Lemieux, J. H. Belanger, A. Aubrey. The present owner of the business, A. K. MacLean, will take full charge in Hull.

When a flood last spring carried away part of the factory wall of the Almonte plant, operations were suspended. The company received attractive offers to locate in other cities, but Hull had greater inducements than any other.

April 11, 1928– The high waters of the Mississippi river did several thousand dollars damage when the wall of the Mississippi Iron Works, next the river, was half swept away by the rushing waters from the upper level of the river above the CPR bridge. The crash was heard throughout the centre of the town and when the damage was investigated it was seen that a great deal of machinery, tools and lumber had been carried off as well.

The next day the side was gone and there was a great gap cut into the centre of the plant with parts of three floors gone or badly sagged. The flume of the Almonte Knitting Company was also so badly damaged by high water that they were forced to close down, and in order to resume work they had to connect up with the municipal power plant as the damage could not be repaired till the waters subside.

Andrew Young was in partnership with John Flett who operated The AE Young and John Flett Machinists and Iron Founders on Lot 18 Coleman’s Island. The partnership dissolved in 1871 and Andrew and his brother Robert set up their iron works operations on Water St. In 1882, the brothers bought part of Lot 19 Mill St Almonte and erected the Mississippi Iron Works there. The brothers then bought the Otter Glen Woolen Mills in 1885.– People of Carleton Place — John Flett


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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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People of Carleton Place — John Flett

The Almonte Fire of 1909

Mississippi River Power Corp.

The New Central Bridge 1928

The New Central Bridge 1928


CPMM central bridge_Super_Portrait.jpg

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
28 Nov 1928, Wed  •  Page 35


Bridge St central bridge under construction c. 1928 — Photo Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum


Central Bridge 1960 Photo Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum

Linda Seccaspina On my group there were comments that it was a Bailey bridge – Wikipedia
The Bailey bridge is a type of portable, pre-fabricated, truss bridge. It was developed by the British during World War II for military use and saw extensive use by British, Canadian and US military engineering units


This photo was taken on November 11, 1918 – Armistice Day! The girls are crossing Central Bridge, heading north and are carrying their schoolbooks! The girls are identified as Leita Andison , Annie ?, Flora Ormrod, and Bessie Harrod

Sandra Rattray Leita Andison was a wonderful woman and a great teacher and naturalist. She had a cottage beside my aunt Kay Foote at Squaw Point and she and her family enjoyed her sense of humour and her company.

75223709_10156332619552312_4398078500020420608_n (1).jpg

Joann Voyce

October 24Edited

Old bridge repairs. Either my grandfather or Great grandfather. Not sure of the year

CPMMcentralbridge___Super_Portrait (1).jpgThe new bridge coming to Carleton Place #getexcited



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John Boulton was a Hustler Carleton Place 1928

John Boulton was a Hustler Carleton Place 1928

 - Town First Went by Name 'Morphy's Falls' Plaie... - I WHEN CARLETON WAS AT ITS Settlement Started...


 - carleton .. . . s rT n r . r : . i i r i ' i... - r .' ' v f - 1 .,.), WILLIAM PATTEE. oldest... - Has Record 40 Years of Civic Service Wm. Pattee...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Citizen,
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  3. Page 32Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)

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The Cheese Souffle that Went from Balderson to Carleton Place– Little Known Fact

The Cheese Souffle that  Went from Balderson to Carleton Place– Little Known Fact

The Balderson Cheese Factory dates back to 1881 and was named after the village of Balderson which was originally founded by Sergeant John Balderson of the British Army. This company was created by fifty one milk shippers who collectively decided to form a dairy co-operative and build their own cheese factory which would provide them with a reliable and local market for their milk.

The Balderson Corner’s cheese factory grew in popularity and prospered over the next decate. In 1892-93 it was one of twelve local factories that was selected to contribute in the making of the Mammoth Cheese which was Canada’s unique dairy display at the Chicago World’s Fair. The company’s development continued without any major setbacks until in 1928 the factory was destroyed by fire. Fortunately the determination of the shareholders did not falter and rebuilding started immediately. No word if Carleton Place had cheese for life after that incident.

BaldersonCheeseFactory-1-644x428 (1)

Cheesemakers: W. Brown 1881-1887, J. Milton 1888-1891, W.D. Simes 1892-1901, E.E. Haley 1902-1904, J.M. Scott 1905-1911, T.K. Whyte 1912-1917, M. Haley 1918-1921, A. Quinn 1922-1929, G. Spencer 1930, P. Kirkham 1931-1937, J.L. Prentice 1937-1939, C.J. Bell 1939-1941, J. Somerville 1941-1942, W. Partridge 1943, C. Gallery 1944-1955, R. Lucas 1956-1958, P. George 1959-1960, O. Matte 1961-1966, Y. Leroux 1966-1974, L. Lalonde 1975-1980, N. Matte 1980.

Image result for balderson cheese factory fire

1954 Balderson Cheese Factory


John Closs Lawrence Lalonde and Yves Leroux from Balderson Cheese on the outside.Young men. Andrea McCoy Centre


Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, shorts and outdoor

Prentice family at Balderson Cheese Factory, about 1942

Mrs.James Balderson, sr., died at the family home, ninth line of Bathurst, onFriday, the 21st instant, at the age of 74 years.  She had been ill for over three months.  Deceased was born on the third concession of Bathurst, her maiden name being Mary Noonan, daughter of the late James Noonan,one of the prominent men of his day in this district.

Her marriage took place on May 26th, 1858, and had she lived a week longer, her married life would have spanned fifty-one years.  She settled with her husband on the ninth line, and there they lived for over half a century in peace and prosperity.   She is survived by her husband and the following family: James, in Bathurst; Miss Hannah, Toronto;William at home; Miss Annie, New York; Geo. Formerly of COURIER, now in San Francisco; Tom, in Bathurst; and Robert, teacher at Harper.

James and D.R. Noonan, town are brothers,and Mrs. O’Neil, Oswego, and Mrs. Lee, of Buffalo, are sisters.  Here is the first death in the family since the celebration of the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. James Noonan last winter at which she was present.  The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon to St. John’s church, thence to the parish cemetery. (28 May 1909 pg 4)

Balderson in 1905 boasted few trees along the dirt road which was the main road to Perth. In the top photo from the left: the original Balderson cheese factory erected in 1881, the Noonan Blacksmith Shop, Cowie home, Anglican Church and rectory. From the right: the Noonan home, Jone’s Store, Haley property (1962), J.M. McGregor property, J.C. McGregor barn and home. Balderson at one time was known as Clarksville.– Perth Remembered


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