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The Ottawa City Directory 1897-98 —Simpson Book Collection

The Ottawa City Directory 1897-98 —Simpson Book Collection

The Ottawa City Directory, 1897-98 –From the Simpson Book Collection-Ed and Shirley’s Simpson –Historic Books — the List

The Ottawa City Directory, 1897-98, Embracing an Alphabetical List of All Business Firms and Private Citizens. A Classified Business Directory and a Miscellaneous Directory. Containing a Large Amount of Valuable Information; Also a Complete Street Guide, to which is Added an Alphabetical and Street Directory of Hull, Que. Also Suburban Directories of Billing’s Bridge, Clarkston Village, Hintonburg, Janeville, Mechanicsville, Ottawa East, Rideauville, Rockliffe Park. — Vol. XXIV — Ottawa : Might Directory Co., 1897

Copy of book on Library and Archives Canada click here

From the Simpson Book Collection-Ed and Shirley’s Simpson –Historic Books — the List

Ed and Shirley’s Simpson –Historic Books — the List

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1898 — Accidents, Moose and Caterpillars

1898 — Accidents, Moose and Caterpillars
Photo Number:  MAT004600
Photographer:   unknown
Location:   Carleton Place, ON
Date:   1898-00-00
Caption:   Part of a wreck scene in the vicinity of the shops in Carleton Place. Negative envelope shows 1900-1910.
Subject:   Wreck
Collection:   Matting

No matter where I searched I could not find a record of this accident… but I did not want to lose the photo.

Local Happenings

The Ottawa Journal Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Fri, Aug 19, 1898 – Page 7

Heading to NY through Carleton Place

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
17 Oct 1898, Mon  •  Page 8

Chesterville Record 1 March 1898

A terrible collision with loss of life occurred three miles east of Smiths Falls between three and four o’clock Tuesday morning.  As near as can be learned it occurred in this way.  A freight was going west, followed by an engine running light, which, in turn, was followed at the normal distance by another freight train.  A number of cars broke loose from the first train, and, after some delay, were picked up by the light engine, and ere warning could be given the rear train came round a curve in the road and dashed at full speed into the light engine and runaway cars doing great damage to both engines and telescoping the cars, which then took fire and several were totally consumed.  The driver, Charlie Sims and the Fireman, William Wilson, both of Carleton Place, and both on the rear train were killed.  An auxiliary train from Smiths Falls with doctor McCallum, CPR surgeon was soon on the spot.  Sims was dead before his arrival, but his body was so caught in the wreck that it could not be got out.  Wilson was taken to Smiths Falls but was so badly hurt that he dies a few minutes after his arrival there.  

It is understood that an inquest will be held at once.  Superintendent Leonard happened to be at Smiths Falls and visited the wreck on the auxilliary train.

The 3.45 train for Montreal proceeded by way of Ottawa.  The local for Montreal was delayed three or four hours while the line was being cleared of the wreck.
Also reported in the Citizen of 1 March 1898.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
31 May 1898, Tue  •  Page 1
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
29 Aug 1898, Mon  •  Page 7

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
29 Aug 1898, Mon  •  Page 7

Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
25 Oct 1893, Wed  •  Page 6

and just because I could.. another 1898 happening….

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
09 Feb 1898, Wed  •  Page 7

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