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Who You Going to Call? The Constables of 1861

Who You Going to Call? The Constables of 1861


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Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage  Museum-by Blaine Cornell–This is his Dad Herb Cornell with Ray McIsaac- Check out the corner after the old Taylor’s Garage. There was a building there where there is an empty parking lot now next to Spartan’s Pizza


Ted Hurdis-I remember walking home from school one day and I threw a stone at a stop sign. Herb Cornell saw me and he scared the life out of me for doing that. Funny the things you remember from childhood I never threw another one!! Of course he knew who I was and my family..


List of Constables for 1861


William Gill, High Constable

Duncan McKerracher, George Deacon, Peter Henralty, John Trace, Samuel Farmer, John McMaster, George Graham, John Bone, Robert Balderson, John riddle, George Corry, William Butler, James Todd


  1. Code, Jr., Innisville
  2. McLaren, 8th Concession

Thomas Horax, Joseph McCaffrey, Richard Sharple(?), William Robinson, Jr., John Hollinger, Patrick Murphy


Charles McKinnon, William Buffam, C. Bothwell, Thomas Churchill, Richard Lee, John Manion, Patrick Malone

North Elmsley

Walter Hogg, Thomas O’Harra, Perry Caswell


Alexander Abercrombie, Thomas Byrne, Gilbert Wilson, Jr.

Smith’s Falls

J.W. Caswell, Elias Brown, Edward Gilroy, Levi Davis, William Edgar



Perth, during ‘Old Home Week’, 1948. This picture was preserved in the family album of Constable Dan Lee (standing at far left). The vertical sign of Harry’s Café is visible on the right. (1948 “Old Home Week” souvenir booklet, Perth)-Photo from The Fong Johnston Family in Perth


Samuel Bulger, William Gilmour, Norman Shipman, Daniel Culvin, Daniel Drummond


Charles Rose, Harvey Moffat, Thomas Graham, John McCrea, George McGrath, John Gilully, William Ringer


Peter Duncan, John Camelon


John Morrison, Peter Cumming, Thomas Dunlop

North Sherbrooke

George Wilson

Pembroke Village

George Patterson, John Dewar, John Ryan, John Berry

South Sherbrooke

Samuel Hannah, John Buchanan, John Dowdle, William Morrow, George Setler(?) Setler

Lanark Village

Alexander Hunter, Jacob Gallinger, Francis Turner, Noble Burnett


A Campbell Ashton, Peter Drummond, James McGregor

Carleton Place

George McPherson, Nathaniel McNeeley, Abraham McCuffrey, Joseph Bond


John Elliott, James McLeod, James Ellis

Lanark Township

James Rankin, Alexander McCallum, Thomas Duechman, Archibald Campbell


John Morris

John McKerracher



Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.

Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in Hometown News and now in The Townships Sun

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