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Unwrapping 164 Bridge Street in Carleton Place




What’s going on at 164 Bridge Street? It looks like the current owner is stripping away the siding and exposing the brick. The brick is being painted in the same hues as the original “paint job” that was done after it was originally built. In the middle to late 19th century 164 Bridge Street belonged to Grieg Block. John Graham also operated a wagon shop there.

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Carleton Place Underground

The house known to some as the McPherson’s House was rebuilt in 1965. It was once the residence of Mrs. McPherson and her daughter Bess who was a local telephone operator. Jack McPherson owned an insurance business and ran it from the house. Mary Cook said in January of 2007 that McPherson’s wife worked for Oscar Okilman for 25 cents an hour.


The Hanneman Family then occupied it for a period of time. Oscar Okilman owned the house when the Hanneman’s were there in the 1940’s and owned the store to the north. During the 1960’s there was an extensive fire and it has been said that it was the Okilman’s residence.



Lot 25 is rather large and it is difficult to figure out where some of the businesses and residences were actually located as there is a large parking lot between 164  and 176 Bridge Street.


Cathie Hawkins McOrmond said that the owner has built a history capsule into the walls and was excited to hear they put in the approved BIA Facade Improvement package and the BIA Downtowner in the capsule. Some day someone will find the time capsule and use it as reference. History matters, it really does! 



Information from Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Photos- Linda Seccaspina

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