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161 Townline– Snippets of Miss Maude Cole

161 Townline– Snippets of Miss Maude Cole

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

April 20, 2020  · 

Llew LloydIt looks like the house my Mother’s great friend Miss Cole lived in. I believe it was a double. Mom’s oldest friend, Miss Cole, lived in the small half of that house.

Ray PaquetteAt one time, my Sunday School teacher at the Baptist Church, Mrs Gordon Lancaster lived there with her husband and two boys, Donald and Franklin. That would be in the late 1940s or early 1950s before they moved to Ottawa.

Llew LloydRay Paquette Miss Cole’s part of the house was very small. I seem to remember the Lancasters living in the other part

Bonnie MitchellI know this house, corner of Town line and Carleton Street.

Jim McKittrickI remember it too Bonnie … a lot of laughs took place there 💕

Ted WalshLancaster’s lived there in the 50’s and 60’s, Franklin went to school with us

Joyce MurrayMiss Cole planted lots of Lilac bushes they took them away when they built the house next door. I lived there 42 yrs ago

Joyce Murray I remember my mother taking me there and Miss Cole giving me a watering can to tend to her flowers while they talked. The water supply was a hand pump in the kitchen. That would have been in early to mid 50s.

James AndersonAs a very young boy in the late fifties and early sixties I played in the arbor and yard there. With Franklin Lancaster. His parents I believe were Gordon and Dora and his brother was Donald.Last visit I remember was taking my baby daughter there in 1967 to show Miss Cole. She was bedridden at the time. Have great memories of talking to her in those years. They were years where neighbors were like family.

Llew Lloyd
June 30 at 6:01 PM  · 

Maud Cole centre row one. Margaret Prime top left

Gwen SpencerThis is the first time that I have seen this picture.I had many cups of tea with Maude. Mom used to take sewing lessons with a few of her friends from miss Cole.

Llew LloydGwen Spencer I’m thinking Mother must have been in her teen years in this photo and still living on Lanark street

Ray Paquette15 hours
The Lancaster’s who lived there in the 1950s were very involved with the Baptist Church which I attended in my childhood. Donald, the eldest boy and and I were always the leads in the annual Christmas Concert and I spent many after school hours in the home practicing my parts under the tutelage of Mrs. Lancaster. The Lancasters moved to Ottawa but there was a second Lancaster family in CP,who had two daughters, Ray [not the policeman] I believe who worked for McFadden Furs…Ray Paquette added:
I had one of those infamous senior moments in my earlier comments. It was Ray Moffat not Lancaster all thought I believe that he was related to the Gordon Lancaster family through marriage His eldest daughter was Janice.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
21 Feb 1970, Sat  •  Page 25
Maude E. Cole
St. James Anglican Church, Carleton Place
Burial Place:
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Maude E. Cole 1886 – 1970

Voter’s List

Name:Miss Maud E Cole
Marital Status:Spinster (Single (Female))
Residence Date:1940
Residence Place:Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Street Address:Carleton Place
Electoral District:Lanark
Reference Number:M-4770
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Nov 1936, Fri  •  Page 21
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
10 Oct 1933, Tue  •  Page 4
161 Townline 2021 photos thanks to Petya Lowes
From Susan Courage.. Perhaps a little earlier. I think it is my mother (Betty Bradley b 1925) in the lower right. Maud was born in 1886. Just looking at other pics. There weren’t too many through the depression.
161 Townline– Snippets of Miss Maude Cole

Susan CourageTea and vanilla wafers with Miss Cole were a summer ritual of my Mississippi/CP childhood summers. So lovely to see her remembered.