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For the People that Live in Cambodia That Want to See Ted’s House





145 Napoleon St. That picture is taken from the side of the house. There is a carport on that side where my Grandfather grandmother dad and aunt are standing. This is the house that our grandfather moved from Appleton by horse and sleigh and reassembled it here. Gran was Irene Janes. A sister to Ruby Featherstone (Janes) and Maud McGonagall (Janes) and George Janes also Annie JanesTed Hurdis comment and photo.

I have written about the Hurdis’s before and I always knew there had been trouble on Napoleon Street:)– but yesterday, Ted Hurdis posted this great picture of the old homestead on his Facebook timeline.

Here is the deal here: We now have 104 countries reading The Tales of Carleton Place and there is no way someone in Cambodia or Panama can jump in their car and pop over to 145 Napoleon Street to see what it looks like. So today I am posting a picture of what the actual house looks like today in 2016.

Yowsers, have things changed as seen in the picture below. I know deep in my heart that our friend Ted is probably sitting on a goldmine of pictures LOL. Cough them up Ted- the world is your oyster, well the Carleton Place world.


Ted Hurdis- The home I live in was a log home from Appleton. My grandfather and grandmother brought it to Napoleon St by horse and sleigh . It was one of two that my grandmothers family owned the Janes family.





Just so you know what you are dealing with here is another picture Ted posted of family.


Ted Hurdis of Carleton Place sent this photo and said:

George was my grandfathers brother. He would be the lad on the right standing in the back row. My grandfather Ned is the young boy in the middle holding the flag.

Thanks Ted! Boy do I see Ted’s son Troy on the face of the matriarch sitting in the front row.