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Let’s Celebrate 125 Years– Slam Dunking the Neighbours




Photo by Linda Seccaspina 2015

It was a Winnie the Pooh sort of day in April of 2015. Chilly, blustery, and two women huddled near the statue of James Naismith in Almonte. Why would anyone have their coat off on a day like that? One girl was graduating and posing with Mr. Naismith and the other, her friend, was taking pictures for her graduation photos. A slam dunk of an idea!

Now it’s 125 years!!!



Photo by Linda Seccaspina Puppetsup! 2011



Photo by Linda Seccaspina Puppetsup! 2011

Celebrating 125 Years
Almonte, Ontario – the birthplace of basketball’s inventor James Naismith – as the town celebrates 125 years of basketball and refurbishes the Almonte Court. Watch the video!


Did you know  these Boxtop Facts about James Naismith? Tomorrow, why don’t you share one with a friend. I dare you!

James Naismith was born on the outskirts of Almonte, Ontario in November of 1861. He invented basketball inspired by his beloved childhood game, “Duck on a Rock.”

As with most Scottish settlers in this area, his parents immigrated to Lanark County in 1852. His parents got sick with Typhoid fever and died when he was barely nine years old.

He was sent to live with a very strict religious grandmother, and his Uncle Peter.

That very rock that he played with as a child was the same one that led him to invent the game of basketball in 14 days. It was a solution he created to deal with a rowdy class in Springfield , Ma. Where can you see that rock?

Visit the Mill of Kintail near Dr. Naismith’s birth place. They have conceived a small, but personable display in his honour in the basement of the mill.

James enrolled at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. After graduation he became a physical education instructor there, and invented the football helmet.

He used peach baskets at first! In case you missed one of these Heritage Moments as a child– let’s review the facts once again:)

Famed puppeteer Noreen Young made this wonderful puppet of James Naismith.