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1963 Rule of Thumb for a Strong Physique — Straight Outta Carleton Place High School



What advice did Michael Moldowan in Grade 12B offer to the Phys Ed Class in 1963?

He said in the 1963 CA-PLA-HI that anyone who wanted a strong physique should consume at least one purchase of fries a day from his father’s chip truck.


Photos courtesy of Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

In Memory of Mike Moldowan — The Man Behind the Fries

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    Please note none of these students in photo were involved

As they say, kids will be kids, and in 1963 disciplinary action was taken against a grade 9 student who was selling CPHS school exams. As this was pre-internet, it became a local scandal, and was all over the Ottawa newspapers. You know what they say about your past following you, and it still does without a cellphone.

It appears the student some how obtained an advance copy of the final grade nine French exam and sold copies to other students for a dollar a piece. High school principal Dr. Dawson said he found out about the incident 10 days before the examination and ordered a brand new exam. I can see the flabbergasted faces of those students who purchased an exam now. The principal added ‘those students have wasted their money for that exam’ which had reportedly been selling like hotcakes up and down the high school halls.

About 140 students in grade 9 were faced with writing a brand new exam that had some scratching their heads how the higher ups found out. I knew before reading it how the guilty student got a copy of it. Remember those trips to the mimeograph machine? You got it Cadilac! The student found a torn up stencil of the exam in a wastebasket. Clever boy pasted it (that’s right pasted–not taped) and then made copies to sell. The name of the student was withheld. Wonder what CEO of what Forbes company that kid is running now?

Reefer Madness at Carleton Place High School