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In Memory of Former Carleton Place Resident Bill Lim



Last week I asked Jennifer Fenwick of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum to provide me with a local restaurant picture. She sent me a photo of The New York Cafe that had been a fixture on Bridge Street from the 1930’s to late 1950’s. Neither of us had any idea that Bill Lim, (the son of Harry Lim, who ran the New York Cafe) had passed away. When I read our local paper The Canadian Gazette last night I was sad to see he had died in British Columbia.

The Lim children all went to the Carleton Place High School and Bill continued to keep in touch with several local residents. Mr. Lim is survived by two sisters, and his legacy is carried on by his three children.

I posted a detailed story about the Lims and the New York Cafe that stood next to the Royal Bank on Bridge Street this week. It was written by Terence Skillen from the Heritage Carleton Place site. Take a minute to remember him, and what their family did for the town of Carleton Place.

New York New York in Carleton Place by Terence Skillen


Shane Wm Edwards–Hi Linda, In your last article on the Lim family’s restaurant, The New York Café, you mention that it was the only place you could get Chinese food but I seem to recall both Terry Skillen and Bob Stacy saying that they did not have Chinese food on the menu. My only recollections of Chinese food being sold was the D&E Take Out (where SRC Music is now) and Mrs. Gee’s Egg Rolls located on Franktown Road where the Tim Horton’s is now. To get Chinese food, before the House of Fong opened we usually went to the Canadian Cafe in Almonte.



Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  12 Apr 1940, Fri,  Page 14