Trouble at Hays Shore—Mrs. Delores Bell– 1927

Trouble at Hays Shore—Mrs. Delores Bell– 1927

The incident would have been on the other side of the road where this building is at Hay’s Shore

Mrs. Delores Bell was attacked by an unknown man when picking berries with her three small children. Mrs. Bell of Carleton Place was the victim of a harrowing experience late on Friday afternoon when in company with her three small children she was picking berries in the woods about a mile south of the town and near Lake Park. An unknown man attacked her throwing her violently to the ground and threatening her with a knife during a brutal attack.

Fighting desperately the woman managed to wrench the knife from him and after a terrific fight scared him efficiently to drive him away. Meanwhile her screams and those of the frightened children had attracted the attention of Mr. and Mrs. John Duff and Mr. J. A. Hay, who live nearby and they rushed to her aid. Chief of Police Fred Nichols with provincial officer MacGregor and traffic officer Tomer searched the locality until midnight without success.

Men answering somewhat to the description of the woman’s assailant were rounded up by the police, one at Perth and the other at Carleton Place. Both were.taken before Mrs. Bell who found one smaller and the other of heavier build than her assailant. The search continues. Mrs. Bell described the man who attacked her as being about 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing about 150 pounds and of dark complexion. He wore old dark brown shoes, a brown peak cap and his trousers were torn at the right knee. He spoke French. A policeman at Smiths Fails has since reported that a man answering the description of Mrs. Bells assailant, boarded an eastbound freight train Sunday night

CLIPPED FROMThe Weekly AdvanceKemptville, Ontario, Canada04 Aug 1927, Thu  •  Page 7

Hay’s Shore at the foot of the Second Lake, was James Duff’s farm from about the 1840’s. William (Bill) Duff ran a farm and a retail dairy on the shores of Mississippi Lake. Duff’s Dairy on the 11th line was later taken over and sold to John Hays in 1918. Big Bill did a big business in Carleton Place, and *Fred Hunter of Carleton Place was once quoted as saying it was real milk, as there was no such thing as pasteurization  in those days.–Hay Look Me Over! Big Bill Duff

Almonte Gazette

Tuesday afternoon some little girls were picking strawberries between the lOth and 11th lines Beckwith. A tramp appeared on the scene, and caught Maggie Garland as she, with the rest, was climbing a fence to escape.” She tried to break away, and the others hurled stones at him. They then ran off, screaming for Mr. McNeely.

No one turned up ; and the girls hurried home.. Mr. Jamieson and Mr. Demer hastened to the spot. The latter found the girl walking in a dazed way. Her face was scratched and her neck black and blue. Mr. Demer put the matter in the hands of Chief Wilson at once, who promptly acted. This morning the girl had not yet recovered her mind, and her story is not yet all known. The mother, Mrs. N. Garland, was in a dreadful condition of excitement last night.— C.C

Hay Look Me Over! Big Bill Duff

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