The Story of Tina Lynn Hartley– Strong Women

The Story of Tina Lynn Hartley– Strong Women

Tina Lynn Guilbeault-Hartley, was born at the Ottawa General Hospital on March 21, 1986.  Her projected birth date was July 12.  After 141 days in her mother’s womb, or just over 20 weeks, Tina Lynn weighed one pound, two ounces.  She spent five months in an incubator at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and later was rushed back to the hospital several times suffering from lack of oxygen.  Her parents say her fragile health at the one time prompted them to remain quiet about her astonishing survival.  At 18 months of age, she was still smaller than her peers, but doctors did not detect any long-term problems.

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada21 Mar 1988, Mon  •  Page 30

Tina Lynn Guilbeault-Hartley danced away Sunday afternoon with a giant stuffed owl. She was among about 3,000 people who attended the second annual babies alumni picnic at Ottawa General Hospital. Guilbeault-Hartley, 2, brought along her parents and grandparents. “She’s so active,” said her mother Lynda Hartley. “You need to be an octopus to keep up with her. You need eight arms.”

The picnic was a fundraiser for neonatal research at the hospital. It is not enough for medical science to give a two-pound baby a chance to live, said perinatologist Dr. Philip Hall. At a cost of $100,000 to treat a premature baby, he said, doctors would do more good if they could prevent such problem births. “This is a beautiful event,” said Hartley. “It’s great fun for the kids, and the hospital gets some money. “We’re very grateful for such events. Without fundraisers like this my daughter might not be alive.” said her mother.

I knew nothing of Tina’s back story until today when she told me. Tina Lynn was predicted to have a fragile life until 3, and she is now 37– so what has happened to her? What is her life like now?

Her Mother Linda passed away and I posted this in 2017 on Facebook.

Today’s local #strongwoman is Tina Lynn. Her mother Lynda Hartley passed away barely a week ago and today is Tina Lynn’s birthday. I know how hard it is to lose your mother and especially to cancer. Mother’s are someone who will love you unconditionally until their last breath and that Tina your mother did. Both of these women are my #strongwomen of the day. March 2017

Tina Lynn at the age of 37 now has terminal ovarian cancer. She wanted what all of us wanted–her top two wishes were a baby and a car. She decided to pace herself and get healthy, save for a car and get her driver’s license. She was alone when she was diagnosed at Stage 3, and when they operated they were not sure if it was 100% cancer –but she asked them to keep her left ovary just in case. Her diagnosis after the operation after was that there was no way she could have a child.

Now, the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and she is considered terminal. Sadly, her life has been diagnosed wth less than a three year life span. All the money she saved is gone now as it helped her until she could get on aid programs. Tina wishes she could wake up some morning and hear the words ‘the cancer is gone’ but that is not going to happen. When I spoke with her she told me she tries to stay positive and mentally charged for each day, but she gets tired and some days it’s hard to concentrate.

I can’t imagine how I’d handle this situation Tina, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off with the grace and strength that you display!

I asked Tina what would make her happy. She said she wanted everyone to pray for her– and if you don’t pray, just please think good thoughts for her. She has come through a lot in her lifetime. Cancer can take away all of your physical abilities, but it can’t touch the mind, your heart, and your soul– and Tina has had a lot of soul since she came into this world and she has fought every day since the very beginning.

Love you Tina- Stay well!

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  1. I was working with Tina’s Gramma Carol at Mitel when she was born -wishing her the best on her journey- she is certainly a Strong Woman – her Gramma is smiling down on her


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