War Canoes — Carleton Place Canoe Club – Clippings Photos

War Canoes — Carleton Place Canoe Club – Clippings Photos

Another photo from my family archives about Jim McKittrick from Ron Ashmore

John Edwards

Every member of the crew received a small version of the large poster. The large one was three to four feet in size. It was in the front window of McCann’s Billiard Hall right into the late 1960’s when, I believe, the Pool Hall closed. This was likely the most honoured location in town for it.

As the victory was national in scale and since most of the crew went to war in a year or two, the townspeople must have felt very special about the crew members.

Anyone who’s ever paddled in a good war canoe team will know about the pain and bonding which comes with the synchronicity of the strokes over a long distance. There are no heroes. Every paddler is equal and must dig deep on every stroke.

Marlene Springer When we had the parade for John Edwards I remember I brought my air horn to the parade and I think I emptied the HOLE CANISTER the town was SO PROUD (1972)

Carol Kwissa

My grandfather is in this photo Russell Waugh and yes for years it was in the pool hall window for all to see

Trisa McConkey

Written by Theresa Fritz ❤️



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

30 Jul 1973, Mon • Page 14

1940 Carleton Place War Canoe Champs.. No names.

1915 Carleton Place – Ottawa – War Canoe Trophy.

This is the first Carleton Place Canoe Club’s all woman’s war canoe crew. Darlene Page’s grandfather was the coach–Her aunt’s also in the photo too (lady girl on the right) Her grandfather, Clarence Waugh, was in the middle standing. Darlene’s Aunt’s name was Deloris Agnel, maiden name Julian. The year would be 1940s

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Men’s 1/2 Mile and Mile War Canoe team, Carleton Place Canoe Club 1907. Members were: (Left Side, looking toward the front of the canoe) H. Morphy, A. McCaw, W. Hunter, A. Dunlop, J. Winthrope, M. Lamb, A, Robertson. (Right Side) C. Lamb, W. Knox, J. Hockenall, M. Ryan, F. Milliken, G. Gordon, N. McGregor, A. Keyworth (capt.). The Carleton Place Canoe Club is visible behind the canoe and to the left is a house that was torn down, and the Navy Corps building is now in that location.

Shane Wm Edwards

This was a Canoe Club awards dinner. — in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Jack Shail, Jeremy Bell, Marty Laskaris, Shane Edwards, Peter McGregor, Richard Cook, Mike Roy, Logan Trafford, Roger Gardiner. Shaking hands with Jack Shail is “Bunny” Bond. Brother of Joey and a member of the Canadian Champion war canoe of 1920. He and the Sinclair brothers always came to the annual regatta.

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


This image from the 1920 Canadian Canoe Association Regatta shows the war canoe team reaching shore. Events took place at Lake Park on Mississippi Lake. “Carleton Place proved a genuine surprise in the CCA Regatta held here today. The Junction town humbled the haughty Parkdales in the half mile war canoe race in a magnificent finish and were second in the mile. the romped away in the Senior Fours in another stirring finish.” – Ottawa Evening Journal, August 9, 1920.

First photo Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Second photo Below–Wendy Healey–The picture you have posted with the girls war canoe has Lisa and Louise Armour, Heather Kneen, Tracey Mills, Deanna Barry, Julie Kirkpatrick, Linda Black. Probably in the back may be myself, Wendy Armstrong, Catherine Elliot, Margot Findlay, Debbie Hine, Louise Hine etc. The war canoe changed every year…

Did you know that the Canoe Club held weekly sports in front of their club house at the foot of Charles Street: tilting jousts, four man canoe racing against the war canoe crew, crab and gunwale races were some of the events staged.

This hand drawn map from 1888, shows details of the Caldwell Property, which later became Riverside Park. It’s very interesting. The building marked as “Carriage and blacksmith shops” later served as the Canoe Club headquarters.–Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


This amazing postcard was part of a recent donation. Wow! It’s a composite photo by Hammond Studios of Carleton Place, and celebrates the 1907 Carleton Place Canoe Club War Canoe CHAMPIONS OF CANADA!

The C.C.A. was held in Montreal that year, and the C.P.C.C. decisively took the half mile and the mile War Canoe events.

The town organized a “grand procession” for the boys when they returned. “Headed by the Citizen’s Band, Commodore Cram, the Mayor and council, club patrons, the victorious crew paraded from the clubhouse to town hall in a handsomely decorated and illuminated carriage, followed by a crowd of citizens and about 200 boys with torches, many in costume. The town hall was packed in every part – it was jammed inside and outside. By the time the procession arrived pandemonium reigned. ” Carleton Place Herald, Aug. 20, 1907

1977..Dartmouth…Canadian Championships…Ivan and I were going up to the Start….Frank Mills was on the balcony of the MicMac Club as we passed…he heard people laughing and guffawing about us as we passed by……we won Sr. Men’s C2 1000m by open water…. John Edwards

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