The Christmas Fair 1974 Names Names and Names

The Christmas Fair 1974 Names Names and Names

I’m sure this is Rev. Bob McCrea (sp) from Almonte United Church with his wife Thora. She was a music teacher at Naismith in Almonte at one time.

Eric Caldwell-Great people, daughter, Ruth, ad well, my parents hosted the new United church minister and family! I allways remember, that Bob, was the fastest eater, I had ever seen!!!! Next to, my wifey, lol

November 1974

The 18th annual Christmas Fair to be sponsored by the U.C.W. of Almonte United Church will feature a Fairyland theme. Visitors will be greeted by the Fairy Queen and her helpers, costumed in a fairyland theme. The various booths will be appropriatly decorated and it should be interesting to deal directly with such fairyland characters as the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland or the Queen of Hearts. Jolly old Santa Claus will be present with his helpers and a continuous childrens movie will be shown so that mother can shop worry free or perhaps have a cup of tea.

A musical program will be given in the Church early in the afternoon and to wind up festivities, the men’s supper will be served for the whole family. It should be a great event so let’s all go to the Fair Saturday, 23th November, starting at 2 p.m. Mrs. Raymond Jamison has been convenor of this event for 17 of it’s 18 years. It’s continuing success is a result of good organization and-hard work by the ladies of the congregation. Work groups have been meeting regularly and individuals contribute much time all year in order to prepare the many handicrafted items presented for sale at the fair booths. In recent years the men of the congregation under the leadership of Mr. Norman Sadler have  opened a handicraft booth which has been most successful.

Over the years the enthusiastic support of the people of Almonte and district has grown and so has the size of the fair. A few years ago an addition was built to the hall which permitted some additional booth space. The ‘ ladies of the church are appreciative and every year they attempt to offer something new and interesting. This year also promises to be a most enjoyable event.

November 1974

Toy Drive

In former years the United Church Women have collected Christmas gifts for children in

various families in the community. After some discussion with members of the families on the

receiving end, it was decided that a sale of good used articles and toys would be of greater benefit and value and the ” Hub ” Coordinators agreed to organize this, in cooperation with some members of the Churches inAlmonte.

In providing this service it is hoped that parents will have a better chance to fill the needs and meet the wishes of their children.For the past month Karen Jones, Joyce Lowry, Marilyn Snedden, Junie Campbell, Pat Bowden Dorothy James and Julia Thomas have been working and sorting toys for the sale at St. Paul’s Church next week. Members of

the community have been dressing dolls, repairing toys and checking puzzles.

The invitation list has been made up with the help of the Public Health Nurse, the Community and Social Service person;each church has been approached

for names of members of their congregations who may be eligible for an invitation.

Proceeds are to be used to give these children a ChristmasParty; Any used toys left over will

be sold at the Hub following the sale. Our many thanks go to all the people who have generously donated toys and helped in many ways to make this sale possible.

In Memory of David Scharf — Almonte United Church Tragedy

The Almonte Fire 1955– Almonte United Church

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