Banshees on the March Road 1871

Banshees on the March Road 1871

Did Peter Gorman Really See a “Banshee” on the March Road in 1871?

Remarkable Story Told by a Respected Resident of the Third Line of March. Grandmother Died Three Day After the “Appearance.”

Mr. Peter Gorman, a respected whose grandfather came to these parts in 1848 tells of a weird experience which he (Peter) had in 1871 when living on the first concession of Torbolton. One night when coming from the barn to the house, he heard a sort of wailing cry close to the nearest corner of the house.

He looked in the direction of the noise and was surprised to see a spectre in the air. The spectre was about eight feet from the ground. Whatever it was had a face, but no feet. It was like a person who was wearing a sheet which was longer than his or her body. The spectre was about the size of the average woman.

The substance was impalpable, yet could not be seen through. The robe or sheet or body, or whatever it was had a sort of sheen. The spectre seemed to float in the air, but was stationary. The thing was uttering little whining cries or sobs. The noise was not loud, but could be easily heard fifty feet away.

As Mr. Gorman, then a young man, regarded it in wonder, the thing suddenly vanished. The first thing that struck Mr. Gorman was that he had been looking at and hearing a “banshee.” Mr. Gorman had heard some of the old people tell about the banshees that used to be heard, and sometimes seem in Ireland, but he had never heard one of them claim that they had ever known of a banshee being seen in Canada.

After the “banshee” or whatever it was had disappeared, Mr. Gorman went into the house and told his story, but was roundly laughed at. He was told there were no banshees in this country and that he had imagined what he had told. Mr. Gorman took the laughing in good part, but replied that they could laugh all they wanted to, but just the same he had seen and heard what he had seen and heard.

Just three days later, Mr. Gorman’s grandmother died. After that the people treated his story with respect. The old lady who had died had been very fond of young Peter. Mr. Gorman says he never had a supernatural experience before or since and he has no explanations to offer. If what he saw and heard was a banshee, then he is probably the only man who ever saw or heard one in Canada. Mr. Gorman says he presents the story for what it is worth. He will vouch for the facts as a resident of the third line of March.

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CLIPPED FROMOttawa Daily CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada20 Sep 1875, Mon  •  Page 4

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