Documenting the Thundertones….

Documenting the Thundertones….

Sandi Shaw


My Dad, Wayne Nield (left), asked me to post this pic that he came across today. He’s not on Facebook. The other two in the group are Bill and Stu. The guitar I am holding was the first electric that I owned!

Dave White

Sandy, ask your Dad if that was the Thundertones?

Sandi Shaw

Dave White He thinks Thunderballs, but likes the sound of Thundertones much better.

Sandi Shaw haha, I’m almost positive it was the Thundertones. I was in a greaser band in high school and I stole the name. We were pretty popular for awhile…our name “ Kirby Love and the Thundertones”. I was always grateful to Cousin Wayne for the name

Don White

Wayne Nield… another musician on the Walter Anson White branch of the White family tree, Dave. Thanks for posting, Sandi. I remember doing some singing and picking with Wayne at their house on Moffatt St. back when we were teenagers. If I remember correctly, a couple of the songs we’re the Everly Brothers’ “Bye, Bye

Dan Williams

Llew Lloyd Do you remember Jim Wilson. He was our age. Played hockey with him so you probably did. Lived out on Lake Park road next to Rattray’s in the big house back off the road. Partied there a lot around ’62/’63. Well Stu was his older brother. Joined the Mounties I think. He had the plumb job, or so we all thought, of doing the weed cutting up on the lake. He might have been a life guard along the way cuz I seem to remember all the girls swarming around him every day on the life guard seat when he wasn’t up on the lake gettin’ a tan and gettin’ paid for it! Jealous or what?!?!

lew Lloyd

I played basketball with Jim. He and his brother both were in school with Bonnie in Soest Germany before they moved to Carleton Place. I met them at one of Bonnie’s Soester’s reunions.

Dan Williams

Karen Lloyd That’s what I was trying to get across to Doug. I had forgotten about Mary Anne. It’s been damn near 60 years since I saw Jim. Bill’s sister was Elizabeth I think. I was talking with her a couple of weeks ago when we were trying to get names for that Gr. 5 picture from Prince of Wales.

Llew Lloyd

Doug B. McCarten Stu is in picture. Jim was his brother. Cameron McGregor married their sister. Mary Ann. They lived on Lake Park road.

Dan Williams

Doug B. McCarten I know Doug. Sometimes things just slip away. Generally though, at least for me they come back most of the time and leave me wondering why I thought of that?!

Bev Shoots

Did your Dad work at DRS

Sandi Shaw

Bev Shoots yes

Linda Gallipeau-Johnston

Love seeing these old photos coming out of storage or wherever they were – keep them coming!!

Nancy Hudson

Great picture, thanks for sharing Sandi. Like Donnie mentioned earlier, I too, remember singing along with Wayne in Uncle Les and Aunt Olive’s living room on Moffatt St. back when we were all much younger. There were lots of bands in our family – music was in our DNA.

Can you add anything to the history??

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