The Almonte Canoe Club Clippings

The Almonte Canoe Club Clippings


As the weather seems to -be turning, to the better– the paddling season draws near, this year’s Executive is attempting to get an early start on planning of activities and the purchasing of new equipment. Before the adoption of the plans drawn up can be put into motion, the annual meeting of members must take place — this meeting h open to all interested persons who wish to become members of the Club.

This will take place on April 2 at Almonte High School at 7.30 p.m. This year’s Executive is made up of the following: Greg Merrithew Commodore; Les Ladoticeur. Vice Commodore; Doug. Walker, Treasurer; Eileen Pommerville, Secretary. As last year was considered a success in recreational paddling, the Executive feels that emphasis this year should be put on family recreation and pleasure canoeing.

Also this year the Club will be organizing week-end excursions. If interest in this type of canoeing is high, the Executive will consider purchasing some more pleasure canoes. Also, it has come to the Executive’s attention that past members of the Club have expressed their desire in competing in Eastern Ontario regattas in a War Canoe and in a C4 (four man canoe). However, these crafts could not be acquired if there was not enough demand shown for them.

This year competitive members have already begun training so as to try and gain entry into the Canada Games. Any person wishing to compete in Flat Water Racing or wanting further info about the Club should contact Greg Mrtrithew.Many people in this area do not know just how big a sport competitive racing is in Canada. For their information the Almonte Canoe Club belongs to the Canadian Canoe Association. This Association is a Government Sponsored program, and is one of the highest ranking sports organisations to receive financial assistance from the Government. Also, Just recently the Provincial Government formed an organization called Canoe Ontario for the purpose of giving financial assistance to groups to Ontario for the sport in the province. With all this assistance being given to the sport, it would be only right to have as many people involved in it as possible. 

John Edwards

Dave Findlay was very hopeful to get the great Almonte athletes turned toward the water. Getting the two towns to ‘egg each other on’ would surely produce more champions at high levels.

The first regatta was at the fairgrounds but there was a shallow rock ledge in the river which wasn’t good for racing.

Second regatta was up the river at Russell Turner’s farm.

All fun!

Click to read clipping.. someone asked me about the Almonte Canoe Club that once existed.The Almonte Canoe Club was founded in 1967 as the Almonte Municipal Recreation Club and took out associate membership with assistance from Carleton Place’s Dave Findlay. The following year saw full membership and a name change to the Almonte Canoe Club. They hosted a succesful regatta in 1968 and competed in the Eastern Ontario Division for five years until 1973, failing to rejuvenate the club afterwards. There was another canoe club in existence at the time known as the Mississippi Mobile Canoe Club. This organisation, originally known as the White Ensign Canoe Club, took out associate membership in 1971, a status that remained inconsistent for the next five years before disappearing altogether.

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 15 Sep 1967, Fri, Page 1


The Chamber of Commerce’s Amazing Race

In July 28 of 2019 we had the first Carleton Place Amazing Race held at the Market Square and in the same month in 1956 the Carleton Place Canoe Club had the first annual 7 mile race from Almonte to the Carleton Place Town Hall. The only notable person from Carleton Place to ever come near the top every year during those races was Dave Findlay. In 1959 the Chamber of Commerce took over and in 1963– the Annual Seven-Mile Road Race ran under the sponsorship of the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce. That year, three additional events were added. The top award given out was the Queens Hotel Trophy which was allegedly filled with beer.

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