The Mystery of the Pump Handle — Gatineau Road

The Mystery of the Pump Handle — Gatineau Road

In the late 1870s Mr. David Caves who was a well known farmer who lived on the Gatineau Road just south of Farm Point recounted in years past there was a bit of a mystery on the Gatineau Road just north of Lacharity, which is north of Kirks Ferry.

At one point on the river not far from Lacharity there was a vacant house in the yard of which a water pump sat in the centre. Many folks who passed that house at night declared they heard the pump working. Some went so far asto decalre that on a moonlit night they could actually see the pump handle going without anyone near it.

Peculiar to say that the house did not otherwise have a bad reputation and there was no story connected with the pump that would cause it to be haunted. Yet, so many people heard the pump going at night that the place began to have a “peculiar” name.

Some people may suggest that the wind might have rattled the pump handle, but Mr. Caves said that wasnot the case as the pump handle was heard going on the stillest of nights.

This could have been the reason..

In many cases, the problem stems from a leak in the drop pipe. Other common causes include air leaks in either the impeller or the pump casing, faulty check valves inside of the well pump, or a damaged foot valve at the bottom of the well.


Early Kirks Ferry, Quebec

by Patrick M.O. Evans

Originally researched in March of 1965, much of the information being supplied by Aunt Maud (Brown) which has since been supplemented and corrected where necessary by Arthur Reid, Aunt Maud’s nephew – May 1968. Patrick M. O. Evans

Aunt Maud, living at Kirk’s Ferry, is aged 93 (May 1968). She is the daughter of the late Norman Reid and is the widow of the late Ferguson Brown. She can trace her descent from Philemon Wright, who was her great great grand-father. Strangely enough, Aunt Maud can claim descent from Philemon Wright’s father through two branches of the family tree. This is the result of earlier marriages which permit Aunt Maud to be both the great great granddaughter and great great great granddaughter of Thomas Wright, Philemon’s father, at one and the same time.

Now to the early days of Kirk’s Ferry. From J. L. Gourlay, who in 1896 wrote the “History of the Ottawa Valley” we quote:

“Mr. Thomas Kirk from Londonderry, Ireland, came to the Gatineau shortly after the Blackburns and got land on both sides of the river and at a place where the stream is flat and placid for some distance, a thing not very common on that rapid river, there established what was long known as Kirk’s Ferry. Teams and loads were ferried on a scow. That seems to have ceased as nothing larger than a small boat has been seen there for years. Mrs. Kirk was a Miss Green, whose brother was a shipping merchant of Londonderry. Their family (that is the Thomas Kirks) consisted of eight daughters and two sons. The eldest son was a surveyor and dwelt at Stratford, Ontario. John Kirk, the other son, married a Miss Brooks and lived on the right bank of the river opposite his father.” An old gravestone at Chelsea is marked “Lydia A. Kirk daughter of John and Mary Kirk died September 10, 1869. John and Mary had two other daughters both of whom married. Read the rest here CLICK

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