The Roadmasters of Carleton Place

The Roadmasters of Carleton Place

Article thank to Sylvia Giles-

Patty Baker

I believe my Mom Mildred Fox-Baker helped start the Roadsters. The regularly travelled monthly by bus to Toronto, Niagara & Stratford! She loved live entertainment & I attended a few events with her. They had name tags made out of round cross cuts of pieces of wood which were varnished & their name on it. I don’t believe this was the same club as the Roadmasters Road Club? I don’t know if it still exists as my Mom is now gone.

Allan Code.. Code Motors

Read AboutMcCreary’s School here

Pearl Stuart Teacher McCreary’s School

400 to watch Kart races on High Street.. Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 12 Aug 1960, Fri, Page 40 CLICK on photo to read

The lads were pretty fond of their cars. Lots of spit and shine, and lots of shinny hubcaps. I recall how all of us young dating couples would congregate in a lineup of lads, ladies(?) to steam up the car windows (innocent necking days back then). There were always trips to Port Elmsley Drive In theatre to watch a great movie under the stars. There were trips to Rideau Ferry to dance the night away, and of course we all stopped either at A&W drive thru or spent Friday nights at Carleton Place Curb Service, back in the day. In those days the food servers roller skated to your car with those great burgers and fries! Let’s Have Some Curb Service!

As I sit here though I am now remembering Ronnie Latham was part of the Roadmasters (I need help remembering them all). The guys had the greatest jackets made up and I wish I had photos.

Much appreciated! Thank you Linda

No thank you Beth Sweeney!!!!


Linda Gallipeau Johnson emailed me last night with this comment:

Linda, in a conversation about racing yesterday i was telling my grandson about the go-kart race track on the far end of High Street – the ladies that raced were called “Powder Puffs” as i remember. Also remember our neighbor Marion Menzies – Grade 3 teacher at Central used to race as well as her husband. Wonder if there were ever any pictures taken?

Today the accident of 1998 in Almonte- a spectacular accident near a school in June of 1993

After colliding with a truck a blue 1998 Grand Marquis ended up lying on top of two card in the parking lot of G. L. Comba. Const. Stan Carter said the damage was close to $20,000. the Marquis pulled a ‘brake burner’ at the stop sign on Stephen and Martin Street. It landed on high School office staffs Alice Ann Guthrie’s and music teacher Brian Tackaberry’s car.

What happened in Carleton Place in 1966?

Ice car racing!!!

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 03 Mar 1966, Thu, Page 17

Dave Langevin


1956-1957 Asphalt Stock Car racing at Lansdowne Speedway

Mike Kealey Driving For Nesbit Engienering and

Hector Langevin Driver in the Mechanics Race

Ray Paquette

The Nesbitt family of Nesbit Engineering had a cottage on the Mississippi and their son David was a regular at the Cheese Factory Dance Hall at Tennyson…

Susan Frappier Andress


My mom raced for Mike Kealy when she was 17. Her brother Don was a good of Mike’s.

Rick Roberts said:

Interesting to see the Vic Bennett Motors 1964 advert. I remember my father deliberating whether to buy the 1964 Corvair or the Chevy II. The debate went on for days. He eventually bought the Chevy II. Of course, as a 10 year old who was smitten by all things automotive, i spent quite a bit of time in the dealership while this was going on. My vote was for the Nassua blue 1964 Corvette that was in the showroom…. but that idea never had a chance!

Who was the “Nice Guy” of Carleton Place?Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 15 Feb 1974, Fri, [Second Edition], Page 30

Photo by Ted Hurdis–Ted Hurdis

“Here’s an oldie. It says Wilf Trotman , Ann and Mable Hurdis in front. Jack Hurdis and Loretta Purcell”.

Documenting the Roadmasters Road Club? Beth Sweeney

The Carleton Place Bathroom Appliance Cars

Rollin’ Down the Mississippi River —- Tunes and Cars of Carleton Place 1971

The Carleton Place Night Patrol: Aka Skin Dogging — Larry Clark

In Memory of Marvin MacPherson

Looking for Information on Pooh Bell & The Powder Puffs

From Christopher Trotman and family

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