Oddities About Mayors of Carleton Place — Clothing Choices — Fancy Man and Draw of the Hat

Oddities About Mayors of Carleton Place — Clothing Choices — Fancy Man and Draw of the Hat
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
16 May 1950, Tue  •  Page 5

Mayor does not take kindly to remarks about his clothing- says he will quit

Bill Prime was the youngest Mayor of Carleton Place at 32– and he also worked as assistant manager of the Brewer’s Retail store.

Johnny McGregor still buster and Fancy Man –Mayor with Landslide Vote

Also Johnny McGregor at 110 Bridge Street ( George’s Pizza) Stillbuster, Vet and fancy man— Whenever a raid was to be carried out Johnny had to present and he would be transported to the scene of the crime by Kidd Bryce Taxi and word on the street was there were never too many successful raid. He was mayor with 2 years experience in 1935– with a landslide vote.

March 17 1928

Constable Frank Rose callled to Carleton Place to assist Prov officer JJ McGregor to raid on premises of X reported reported to be selling moonshine. No evidence. ( read about Johnny McGregor here-Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series– Volume 8–Olympia Restaurant to McNeely’s)

Johnny J. McGregor — Still Buster and Mayor

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
08 Nov 1911, Wed  •  Page 1

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
10 Jun 1982, Thu  •  Page 8

Mayor is Chosen from a draw from a hat

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
25 Nov 1980, Tue  •  Page 3

Lady Luck will decide this town’s next mayor Monday, when a name is drawn out of a hat, ending the vote deadlock discovered by a judicial recount Wednesday. County court Justice John Ma-theson spent nine hours recounting the votes cast Nov. 10 for Melba Barker and Allan Code, and declared a dead heat. Each polled 1,007 ballots, the first tie for the mayor’s job in the town’s 161-year history. Barker, 32, was initially declared the winner election night, with a slim majority of 1,012 votes to 1,005 for Code. Outgoing Mayor Ted LeMaistre finished third, with 332 votes. An error discovered the next day changed Barker’s victory margin to four votes, dropping her to 1,009. Code applied for a judicial recount. During Wednesday’s recount. Justice Matheson discovered two extra votes for Code and two less for Barker, setting the stage for the draw, as set forth under the Municipal Election Act. While the two tied candidates have two days to decide whether to seek a judicial recount by the Supreme Court of Canada, both indicated Wednesday they are prepared to try their luck. The Municipal Election Act directs that the names of the tied candidates be written on separate pieces of equal size paper and placed in a box. The name drawn is the winner’s. Barker, a two-term council member, would become the first woman mayor in the town’s history should her name be drawn. “I’ll be glad when it’s settled,” she said from her home late Wednesday. “It has been a suspenseful situation and I certainly was hoping it wouldn’t be that way (a tie).” Code, 48, a 13-year council veteran, was less than enthusiastic about the draw. He doubted he’d seek a Supreme Court recount. Town clerk and chief returning officer Keith Morris said there is no alternative to the draw.

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada20 Nov 1980, Thu  •  Page 2

read-The Squeaker Election — November 1980 Carleton Pl

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
08 Nov 1991, Fri  •  Page 3

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Johnny J. McGregor — Still Buster and Mayor

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