I Will Remember You — Photos In Memory of Frank LeBlanc

I Will Remember You — Photos In Memory of Frank LeBlanc

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It was funny how I met Frank LeBlanc. I used to see him all the time at various functions and we would always have the grandest conversations. But, in all honesty I knew his name was Frank, but I never thought he was Wendy’s husband, Frank LeBlanc.

I used to see Wendy at St. James every Sunday sitting in the front pew on the opposite side of me. She was always sitting with a gentleman, and I assumed it was her husband. Yes, I just assumed. Until one Sunday I talked to Wendy after church and asked her where her husband was. When I told her the whole story of my assumption she burst out laughing, as you see, that gentleman sitting with her was not her Frank. Her Frank was the one I had been conversing with in French for the past few years. And that my friends, was my introduction to the man I had known, but not his official name, which was: Frank LeBlanc.

Frank and I would always talk in French and he would laugh at some of my words in Eastern Townships Quebec French called joual. Frank spoke Acadan French being from Nova Scotia, and we liked to entwine the two styles of French.

The last time I saw Frank was at Sister City Committee meeting months ago as Wendy and Frank were visiting with Jeff and Kathy Maguire. Frank did not look well, but years ago he had told me that he had 6 months to live. I honestly thought in my heart that Frank was going to get through the cancer. But, then on August 22, 2022 he passed away with his family at his side.

The last photo I posted below at the very end is one of my favourites. I took it in September of 2017. I thought to myself that Frank was going to make it after all.

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on”— and that is what my friend Frank LeBlanc did for these past few years like the warrior he was and still is as he lives on in my heart.


The annual Museum BBQ is in Frank and Wendy’s backyard.

Frank making Rapple Pie for the Hospital House Tour. I got to personally see Frank in action. 🙂 Photo- Wendy LeBlanc

Frank had been busy all afternoon cooking up his famous Acadian dish, rappie pie. It’s a fabulous combination of grated potatoes, chicken broth, chicken pieces, onions and salt pork. The consistency of it varies from village to village in the Acadian sections of Nova Scotia. The Wedgeport version Frank makes is like a very thick soup. Some people put molasses on it, others butter to taste. Frank’s mum used to make it with wild duck but always put chicken in the corner, just for me! –Wendy LeBlanc

Museum Event

Christmas Frank

Lovely evening Steve and I had with the LeBlancs at St James Annual Spaghetti dinner.

Frank having his dream day In Halifax — Photo Wendy LeBlanc

50th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary

Some pictures I took-Le Blanc’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Sister City Committee with Jeffrey Maguire

Frank and Bob White at the Carleton Place Appreciation Dinner

Frank, Sean Redmond, Wendy and Jennifer Fenwick Irwin at the Carleton Place Appreciation Dinner

Frank, Sharon Sinfield, Cathie Hawkins McOrmand and father David Andrews at the opening of The Green Door on Mill Street

My favourite photo I took of Frank at the opening of the Giles Park off High Street in 2017. This is how I will always remember Frank LeBlanc. “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”

Tu me manques mon ami, a la prochaine!


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  1. I’m sorry to say that I never had met your good friend Frank.
    I am very sorry for the loss you are suffering with right now, but it sounds like you have many special memories to keep you smiling once in a while.
    My condolences to his wife Wendy and family.


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