The Re-Opening of the North Lanark Regional Museum (Appleton) 1980

The Re-Opening of the North Lanark Regional Museum (Appleton) 1980

The Doreen Drummond House was officially opened Saturday, July 19, 1980 on the site of the former North Lanark Regional Museum, near Appleton. Stewart Drummond cut the ribbon on the building named by the North Lanark Historical Society (N LH S) in memory of his late wife. Doreen Drummond House replaces the former museum building which was destroyed by fire exactly one year ago, July 19. 1979.

Tentative plans have been made by the NLHS for further expansion as finances permit. After a drive to the museum before her death Mrs Drummond had requested her sons help the Historical Society in their efforts to replace the museum building. Drummond Brothers Limited found a building 44 feet by 22 feet, completely insulated, the wall-to-wall carpeted floor reinforced with three full-length steel beams.

The building had been used as a mobile office by the Campeau Corporation of Ottawa. For $10,000 Drummond Brothers set the building on piers on the grounds of the former museum. Ramsay Township Council waived the $200 building permit. The building was paid for with $5,000 from the insurance on the former schoolhouse turned museum.

The other $5,000 was a gift from a friend of the North Lanark Historical Society, who wished to remain anonymous. There was no charge by Drummond Brothers for the move. Ramsay Township Council purchased the site from the Lanark County Board of Education for five dollars. Since last spring the new building was put on a permanent foundation. Doreen Drummond House is set further back on the lot than the former schoolhouse. A screened in veranda has been built on the back. There is a small kitchen with cupboards.

Dawn Leduc, Blakeney, Curator of the North Lanark Regional Museum, after a few brief remarks, asked Stewart to cut the ribbon, and unveil the name plaque, declaring Doreen Drummond House officially open. Frank Taylor, chairman of the museum building committee, expressed thanks to the Drummond family, the sons of Dawn Leduc and many others whose help had made possible the reopening of the museum in the new building. He especially praised Jean Steel, N LH S president, for her leadership. Before and after the opening ceremonies, visitors toured the museum, inspecting the various exhibits. Some members of Appleton Women’s Institute served refreshments on the soon-to-be completed veranda.

The time has come to celebrate the official grand reopening of Almonte’s historic pioneer cabin located at the North Lanark Regional Museum!
Join us anytime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on July 23rd (2022) as we welcome guests and visitors once again to tour through this fascinating landmark. We’ll have classic lawn games like horseshoes, pioneer toys, and crafts for kids. All day, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the cabin and the ways pioneer families lived their lives, and between 1:30 and 3:00, you can take a tour with our most active volunteers who will explain the process of restoring our historic building.

Stop by from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. to enjoy a live performance by a local fiddlers’ group. At 1 p.m. we’ll begin our official opening ceremony and twine cutting! Alex Gillis, president of the North Lanark Historical Society will say a few words, and cake will be served.

Lemonade and cookies baked from recipes in our museum collection will be available while supplies last. We encourage visitors to bring their own picnic, picnic blankets, and lawn chairs.
There is no admission cost to participate in the re-opening festivities, but donations are always welcome to assist with our ongoing restorations and programming costs.

The heritage Almonte cabin was built near the current roundabout in the 1840’s. It was moved to its present location in 1983 by the North Lanark Historical Society. The building has been displayed over the years in ways that reflect the lived experiences of pioneer settlers to Lanark County, showcasing a range of artefacts that were important in pioneering times.

This important building has been closed to the public throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, giving the Historical Society a fantastic opportunity to undertake much needed restorative work. Through the generosity of a community that responded in earnest to our fundraising campaign, we have successfully raised the building off the ground and placed it on new footings, repaired some exterior logs, and re-chinked and resealed areas between the logs. We have also been able to complete significant repairs to the attached side shed, install new doors, and clean the interior to provide better and safer artefact display.
But there is still work to be done to complete this project. The North Lanark Historical Society plans to build a third external building to complement the existing pioneer cabin. This third building will be used as a display area for large agricultural tools and machines currently housed in the North Lanark Regional Museum collection, many of which had temporary homes inside the pioneer log cabin.

To donate to this ongoing fundraising campaign, visit our website at
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The North Lanark Regional Museum is owned and operated by the North Lanark Historical Society with the goal of collecting, preserving and displaying the history of Mississippi Mills. The museum features several exhibit spaces including seasonal exhibits, permanent local history exhibits, and a pioneer log cabin. The museum is the perfect destination for families with young children, retirees and history buffs in general.

The museum collection focuses on local history and includes: artefacts, photographs, documents and books. Our research library contains local history books, family histories and original copies of the Almonte Gazette.

647 River Rd, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 (Appleton)

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