Harry & Ruby Nontell – Charlie Finner— and the Bennett Lake Monster

Harry & Ruby Nontell – Charlie Finner— and the Bennett Lake Monster

Here is a pic from 1924….my sister Mary Tosh was a flower girl for my aunt and uncle Harry and Ruby Nontell who at one time ran a restaurant in Almonte just up from where Stedman’s store was located. Hope u find this interesting?

Marg (Tosh) Margaret McNeely

June 1956

Over 200 friends assembled at the Blakeney dance hall on the shores of the Mississippi, Tuesday night, to make a presentation and say farewell to a popular Almonte couple in the persons of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nontell. Mr. Nontell has owned an apartment block with a store and restaurant on the ground floor for many years (just up from Steadmans). At one time he operated the restaurant in partnership with Mrs. Pearl Dodd to whom he sold his share several years ago.

For the last year he has been a successful motor vehicle salesman for the Almonte Garage Sales and Service. About two months ago Mr. Nontell sold his apartment building to Mr. Lloyd North of Fallbrook and Mr. North’s farm on the shores of the Mississippi near that village, was included in the deal. The two families will move to their respective new homes shortly. The farewell party and presentation were arranged by friends of the Nontells with Mrs. Dodd and Jack Smithson in charge. The hall, which is owned by Mr. Nontell himself and is for sale, was tastefully decorated and the refreshments were excellent.

Mayor Geo. E. Gomme made the presentation in a neat speech in which he paid tribute to the popularity of Harry and his wife, Ruby. He expressed the general feeling when he said he was sorry to see them leave town but wished them the best in their new environment. Dancing and music was provided by Charlie Finner and his popular orchestra. His P.A. system was a great help.

Charlie is the champion “caller off’ around here and until he arrived no one could perform that function. Three pieces of handsome furniture made up the presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Nontell. Included were a handsome, upholstered rocking chair of modern design; a chesterfield table and a smoking stand. Mr. Nontell replied gracefully on behalf of himself and his wife and told his friends that they would always be welcome at his new home.

It is understood that Mr. Nontell’s farm at Fallbrook is located on the Mississippi River at a point close to its junction with the Fall River. Bennett’s Lake is not far away. Fishing is good and he intends to cater to the tourists and anglers, and as he did here he will probably engage in some other line of work as well. For some time to come he is remaining on the sales staff of the Almonte Garage and will communte between his new homeland Almonte.

Fall River

In his remarks to Mr. and Mrs. Nontell at the presentation, Tuesday night, there was one thing Mayor Gomme forgot and that was to warn Harry, especially, against the “ogpu” that haunts Bennett’s Lake not far from his new farm. The Fall River which empties into the Mississippi near Mr. Nontell’s new home flows through this lake and for the last 40 years, anglers are told from time to time of seeing a frightful monster rise from the waters, usually in the dim dawn or the waning evening light.

Accounts of the appearance of this dreadful apparition vary according to the degree of alcohol that has been consumed by witnesses—so say the cynics. But it is agreed its head looks like a cross between that of a horse and a. fish. Others say it is more like a dog—that kind that makes night and day hideous in Almonte— while still others declare it is serpent or snake-like.

Bennett’s Lake– click for history

Most of those who have seen Bennett’s Lake ogpu insist they were cold sober at the time. Some who have travelled say it is as big as the one that haunts Loch Ness in Scotland and may grab our friend, Bill Jamieson if he doesn’t look out.

But all agree that it is not quite as large as the one that used to rise at intervals on some lake in British Columbia, the name of which escapes us. Anyway it is much too big to get down the Fall River, through the village and to the newly acquired farm of Mr. Nontell. So anyone who cares to visit him in future may have no fears on that score.

Born in Lanark, Ontario, Canada on 18 September 1899 to Alexander Nontell and Mary Nontell. Harry Lloyd Nontell married Ruby Mildred May Bond and had 1 child. He passed away on 1984 in Creston, British Columbia, Canada.

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