The Miss Almonte Contest 1978

The Miss Almonte Contest 1978

July 1978 Almonte Gazette

July 1978

Ten young women have entered the fifth annual Miss Almonte Pageant, to be held on Sunday, August 6 at. Naismith School. The Pageant, which is sponsored by the Almonte Civitans and organized by the Civinettes, is one of the highlights of Almonte Week each year. This year’s contestants, who range in age from 16 to 19, include Susan Barr, Julia Coe, Brenda Cowan, Karen Gallant, Rosemary Gallant, Wendy Guay, Lianna Hallas. Laurie McGregor, Patsy Robertson and Susan Thomson.

According to Pageant organizer, June Dalgity, this year’s judges will be Orville and Effie Buchanan (organizers of the Miss Eastern Ontario Pageant) and Bob Butterworth, all of Perth. Mrs. Dalgity says she expects the emcee for the event will again be Shelley Emmonds of CFRA Radio. The Civinettes are now in the process of collecting prizes for the Pageant, which are donated by local merchants. These prizes will be.displayed in the Couple’s Corner store window on Mill Street by this weekend.

Almonte has four other Miss Almonte’s. They were Linda Vaughan (1974-75); Dianne Vaughan (1975-76); Theresa Byrne (1976-77) and Bonnie Johnson (1977-78). Bonnie Johnson went on to become Miss Eastern Ontario last March, and was replaced as Miss Almonte by Cindy Julian. Bonnie will compete next year in the Miss Dominion of Canada Pageant.

The annual Civitan Miss Almonte Pageant, scheduled for Sunday, August 6 at 8 p.m. at Naismith School. Ten young women are entered in this year’s contest, which includes a day of interviews and the pageant in the evening of street-length dress, swimwear and formal wear competitions. Between the interviews and evening competition the group will go out for dinner at a local restaurant.

Here’s a little bit about this year’s contestants: Susan Barr, 19, enters Grade Thirteen here in September; Julie Coe, 18, attends Almonte and District High School and is working in a Carleton Place sports shop for the summer; Brenda Cowan, 18, is in Grade 12 and teaches stepdancing in her spare time. Karen Gallant, 16, also attends ADHS and is working at Fairview Manor for the summer; Rosemary Gallant, 17, is planning a career as a hairdresser; Wendy Guay, 16, attends ADHS and plans to work with the handicapped. Lianna Hallis is entering Grade 13 at ADHS and is currently working at the Almonte Beach; Laurie McGregor, 17, will enter Grade 13 in September; Patsy Robertson, 17, win attend Kemptville College in a Food Supervision program in the fall; and Susan Thomson, 18, will enter Grade 13 in September and then plans to attend Art College.

For three of the girls it is the second time around in the Pageant. Karen Gallant competed for the Miss Almonte ’77 crown, and Julia Coe and Lianna Hallas were in the 1976 contest. Decorations for the Pageant this year will be the same ones used for the Miss Eastern Ontario Pageant in Perth. Judges will be Orville and Effie Buchanan (organizers of the Miss Eastern Ontario Pageant) and John Quigley (also connected with the EO Pageant).

The Miss Almonte crown will be handed over to the new Queen by Cindy Julian. Cindy took over the local title in March after Bonnie Johnson of Almonte won the Miss Eastern Ontario crown. Pageant organizer. June Dalgity says prizes are being donated by local merchants and businessmen, and adds they have been very generous. Shelley Emmonds of CFRA radio is scheduled to emcee the event. Admission to the pageant is 50 cents

August 1978

Susan Thomson, 18, was crowned Miss Almonte before a packed house at Naismith School gym on August 6, out of a field of ten contestants. The fifth annual pageant was sponsored by thy Almonte Civitan and organized by the Civinettes. First and second runners-up were Julie Coe and Lianna Hallas, respectively. The competition began with the contestants appearing onstage in street-length dresses, when they were introduced by pageant emcee Shelley Emmonds of CFRA radio.

While the girls were offstage preparing for the swimwear portion of the contest, the audience was entertained by local musician Bernie Costello at the piano. The stage was decorated with a pink and black flowered stage covering, paper flowers and a rose-covered arbour. Many of the decorations were borrowed from the Miss Eastern Ontario Pageant. Judges for the event were the presidents of the Miss Eastern Ontario Pageant, Oriville and Effie Buchanan and the president of the Perth Chamber of Commerce, John Quigley. On hand for the event was the current Miss Eastern Ontario, Bonnie Johnson of Almonte. Bonnie won the local crown last year, and passed it along to her first runner-up after winning the regional title. She talked about the preparations to be -made before her appearance in the Miss Dominion of Canada pageant scheduled for next summer in Niagara Falls. Before passing her Miss Almonte crown on to the new Queen, Cindy Julian gave an outstanding farewell address. “ The quality most needed to be Miss Almonte is a love for the town, and I think because I possess this quality, it is why I enjoyed my reign as Miss Almonte so very much”, she said. “ I think Almonte and the people here are the greatest,” she added.

During the evening gown portion of the pageant, each girl was interviewed by the master of ceremonies, about various topics such as books, travel, music, sport and reasons for entering the pageant. Fifty-Five percent of the judging marks, however, were assessed before the evening competition began. The girls spent the day with the judges, which included lengthy interviews and dinner at a local restaurant. The girls are judged on personality, over-all appearance, carriage, poise, grace, interviews and impromptu responses during the pageant itself.

The judges wasted no time making their decision. Shelley Emmonds announced Lianna Hallas was second runner-up. Lianna is 18 years old and will enter grade 13 in the fall. She is now working at the Almonte Beach. As second runner-up she receives a wallet, a camera, record and a gift certificate from the Lemon Tree Boutique. Julie Coe was named first runner-up. If, for any reason, Miss Almonte cannot continue with her duties, the responsibility goes to Julia. She is 18 and also will enter grade 13 in September. She is now working for a Carleton Place sports shop. As first runner-up she received a cup and saucer, a wallet, watch, hair brush and gift certificate at McCormick’s Ladies’ Wear.

All eyes were on Susan Thomson as she was crowned Miss Almonte for 1978. Susan, 18, is five feet, four inches tall and weighs 105 pounds. She has brown hair and green eyes. Susan plans to enter grade 13 in the fall and hopes to pursue a career in Art. She currently does some artwork, and is also interested in sports. When asked how she felt shortly after being crowned, Susan said “1 never expected to win anything!” As Miss Almonte, Susan wins a television, a purse, a silver tray, curling iron, jewel box, bucket of chicken, a year’s subscription to The Almonte Gazette, perfume gift set, $10 worth of dry cleaning, and gift certificates to McCormick’s Ladies’ Wear, Johnson’s Clothing Store, the Almonte Fabric Centre and Couples’ Corner. All three girls will take part in the Miss Eastern Ontario Pageant scheduled for March in Perth.

Each girl in the Miss Almonte Pageant received a stick pin, a record, silk roses and their photograph. Pageant organizer June Dalgity said she was very pleased with the generosity of local merchants. Cash donations go towards the pageant expenses, she said. Mrs. Dalgity said the pageant had “ no flaws” and added, “ every girl did exceptionally well”. Those taking part in the pageant were, in order of appearance, Wendy Guay, Susan Thomson, Patsy Robertson, Laurie McGregor, Karen Gallant, Rosemary Gallant, Brenda Cowan, Lianna Hallas, Julie Coe and Susan Barr.

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