Pictures of You– Community Story about the Photos of the Queen—- Wendy Ferris Groulx

Pictures of You– Community Story about the Photos of the Queen—- Wendy Ferris Groulx

Photos of pictures.. Wendy kept one… The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum were the recipients of three (possibly four) if I can get the Queen Victoria photo across the street in one piece LOLOL

The fourth one is also going somewhere special that I will keep a secret until the recipients get it and then will give a huge shout out.

Here is the story…..

Hi Linda, My name is Wendy and my husband is the one who donated my Queen pictures to you today. He said you were interested in hearing the story behind them and I would love to share that with you. The Queens belonged to my aunt Linda Forth. She was actually my uncle’s girlfriend but I always thought of her as my aunt. She passed away in November of 2019. I first met Linda when I was a child. I was crazy about her from the start and she had an amazing house that seemed to me to have its own personality. Her home was a centennial home that Linda had bought in her early twenties, yet she was only the second owner of this beautiful property. It seemed majestic to me, as a young child. There was black and white tiled flooring in the entranceway that would be home to a towering Christmas tree in Decembers long past. There was a collection of horse figurines and artwork in the front living room. There were plates and tea cups hung in the dining room. The money from her many adventures to countries around the world was under glass in the side tables in her sitting room. All of her furniture looked like it was from another time, another era. Beautiful heavy tapestries were strewn everywhere; on beds, used as curtains, on the towel racks. Ever since I can remember, the Queens lined the stairway watching over us as we climbed up to the second floor. They seemed perfectly at home in that stairwell, a symbol of Linda’s love for the monarchy and perfectly fitting into this ornate home. After she passed I was the fortunate recipient of many items that make me think of her on a daily basis: some beautiful jewelry, a globe that has nails in all of the places she has traveled to; and a whole bunch of Queen Elizabeths (and one Victoria for good measure)! One Queen hangs proudly in my office. One hangs in my parents’ house. And I am so excited to hear where the other Queens will hang. Linda would be so proud that they have found new homes. Thank you for taking them.

NO thank you Wendy…. Sending the biggest hugs I can find.

Wendy Ferris Groulx

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