When the Country Kids Came to Town…. Haggis Candy Store

When the Country Kids Came to Town…. Haggis Candy Store

The Twisted Fork Cafe&Bistro

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This beautiful, antique display case has a sweet story in Perth’s history….

Originally she was located in Haggis Candy Store, just down the street at 60 Gore St.

James Haggis opened the store in 1926, and eventually his daughter Sophia took over the business, keeping up all of the traditions of homemade candy making that her father passed down to her.

Sophia was a legend, making treats such as horehound candy, taffy, peanut brittle, fudge, and 6 foot tall candy canes!!!! She was one of Perth’s first female entrepreneurs, and she ran the store until her retirement in 1988!!!

This beautiful cabinet was rescued from the basement and used to display beauty products at a lovely Gore Street Salon, she did her job beautifully there for 19 years, until the owner’s recent retirement, when we were fortunate enough to bring her to The Fork ❤

A gorgeous addition to our Takeaway-Bistro, we hope to do her proud as she displays our yummy homemade treats for years to come❤

Perth Remembered

March 29, 2018  · 

HAPPY EASTER Chris Moskos owner of the Perth Tea Room and CandyLand and Sophia Nee owner of Haggis’ Candy Shop are pictured getting chocolate bunnies and baskets of chocolate eggs ready for the easter season in the early 1960’s. 1962 announcement from the Perth Courier declares the winner of the Giant Easter Egg.

Karen Blackburn Chenier

I remember going into that store with my Grandma,Sophia Blackburn .Great memories! Their daughter Evelyn was my Grade 2 teacher at Caldwell St School in Carleton Place.

Barb Lemay

I loved working as a waitress at the Perth Tea Room around 1970!! The owners were wonderful and we had the best customers!!

Heather Revill

Connie and Peter, great memories of your mom and dad from the Tea Room and of course the chocolate shop. Grover Lightford was always telling me that I shouldn’t be eating so many chocolates. I was absolutely addicted.

Penny Karen Cox Summers

She made the best chocolate all her home made candies were fabulous

Nora Haveron-Malott

Have been at both places years ago. I remember the large chocolate egg stuffed with other chocolate candies and decorated with my name on it that Mark Rubino brought me when he was dating my sister Lottie (later married) It weighed about 5lbs. A lot of wonderful chocolate and many good memories. About 78 yrs. ago. Thanks for the memories

Ivy Mohrhardt

Loved going to Haggis’ on Fri. eves. back in the 50’s, our night to go to town for grocery shopping and we each could buy our favorite 🙂 Also enjoyed going to the Tea Room when in PCI with Mary Ellen Erwin and we would visit with our friend Evie Moskos.

Martyn Thomas

A bag of American Toffee from the Haggis shop to take to the saturday afternoon show. All for a quarter in the late 50s as I remember.

Norma Thompson

Chocolate covered cream eggs with scrolling icing and candy flowers decorating it. They seemed quite large with your name on it.. I was allowed a slice off it each evening until it was gone. It still brings back pleasant memories of Easter time. The Easter Bunny also brought me a glass eye for my Maggie Muggins doll who was missing one. After that I was a believer…..

Mary McMillan

I remember Sofia when I was growing up their. Loved her horehound twists!

Marlyne Carriere Green

Thank you Sandra McCaw, Louis said that Chris Moskos had passed away before he bought the Perth Tea Room Restaurant. But we both new Sophia very well.

Sterling McCullough

Haggis Candy Shop was the go to place when us country kids came to town.

Perth Remembered
July 4, 2015  · 

1967 Old Home Week. Who remembers the sweet smells and Hore-Hound candy along Gore Street from Haggis’ Home Made Candy Shop. Sophia Haggis is pictured to the right. Photo courtesy The Perth Museum.

Don Kanelakos

I remember both of them very well. Chris made the best butterscotch Sunday’s. Sophia gave me one of her recipes, however it was for really large batches. Chris and my Grandfather, Peter, another candy maker were close friends.

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