The Community Remembers Dr. Wilfrid Roy

The Community Remembers Dr. Wilfrid Roy
Dr. Roy, Lynn Lancaster , Chris Davis , Ian McNeely, Norma Ford , Jennifer Mayhew, Art Flint, are a few I recognize .

Patients sat in the waiting room in chairs placed around the walls. All you ever heard from them was slight and nervous coughing. Each person had to remember their place in the queue by constantly monitoring who had seen the doctor and who had entered the waiting room.

When the doctor wanted to see the next patient, he – almost silently – opened the door to his room by about half an inch. By the time you got in, he was sitting, silently, at his desk and looking down at the top of it. He said nothing and didn’t seem at all interested in who you were or what you wanted. By the silence, he forced you to tell him your symptoms.

Almost before you were finished, he was writing on his prescription pad and when you had finished he said, ‘take these, three times a day.’ He had two other options: ‘take these twice a day’ and ‘take these four times a day’. When you had finished, you left through another door. My Mother used to say, ‘Dr Roy is such a good doctor’. I wasn’t so sure.

Mary Cook

Bri Dickie

Dr. Roy was an impeccable gentleman and physician. My mother worked in the O.R. with him for a few years at the Carleton Place Memorial District Hospital in the late 50’s, early 60’s. She could not say enough about her respect for his practice.

Our family doctor until his retirement, he was the epitome of class and professionalism.

Although retired, he made countless visits to our home when my dad contracted cancer to allow my mother to be with my him until the end.

I had the occasion to work for him re-roofing his office and cleaning snow and ice from his High Street home. He was very clear on how things were to be done, but he was gracious with his pay and thanks.

Sincerest condolences from our family to the Roy family and friends

Bri Dickie Thank you for your kind words. Smiling as I read your comment about Dad being very clear on how things were to be done…we grew up with the mantra, “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well”

Bri Dickie

Heather Roy I recall him going to his office filing cabinet to pull out a dossier of roofing details. He went through everything line by line. I was very honoured to be asked to roof the office!

And, removing snow and ice at the High Street required a full discussion of the roof and insulation engineering specs.

Marilyn White

Dr.Roy was our family physician. He took over the practice of Dr. Running. A wonderful Dr. and gentleman. My sincere condolences to his family.

Anne Bourne

DR Roy was a wonderful person with a great sense of humour. One of Carleton Places finest Doctors. Along with Doris Flemming. Mrs Patterson, Mrs F Rintoul & other nurses, they were familiar faces at the hospital. RIP Wilfred It’s time to rest

Marilyn White

Heather Roy I went to his retirement party. At the time I was working for Dr. Dave Lenny. The party was put on by the towns people and it truly was an outpouring of love for your Dad.

Heather Roy

Marilyn White lol, the organizers gave me a head’s up to tell my Mom so that she could dress up a bit. Dad had no clue and turned so pale when he walked in to the venue but did rise to the occasion. Trying to include on the Gamble website a photo of Dad bending over his 8 year old granddaughter at the party. She was so young and even at that tender age, saw how loved and respected her Grandpa was. Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn.

Judi Mountenay Simpson

A true gentleman. Dr. Roy would ‘doff’ his hat when he entered the library which melted my heart. I remember telling him I had given blood and he reached over the library desk, pulled down my eye to check out the colour and pronounced me good to go! I was fortunate to deliver audio books to their home for Mrs. Roy, and he always was so kind with his thanks. One of the cornerstones of the community. Our deep condolences to the family.

Heather Roy

Judi Mountenay Simpson Mom loved reading and was so grateful that you would deliver the audio books. I remember thinking that this was a kindness that would only happen in a strong community.

Karen Robinson

Dr. Roy came to our house when I had a migraine when I was 13. My mother loved him. He could do no wrong in her eyes.

Cindy Mcgregor

Sending my condolences he was the Doctor that delivered me and my Family Doctor till I was 15 he was great! RIP Dr. Roy!

Doug B. McCarten

Dr Roy always took good care of my family! Diagnosed my polio at age 2 which saved me from paralysis with his early diagnosis (a delay of another 24 hours would have had disastrous results for me)! Also terrific family friend!

Karen Robertson

Heather and your family, I send my condolences in the loss of your father. I have very sweet memories of him. Remember how he delivered milk to the cottage because we forgot. I think it was his quiet way of checking on us. I was always well behaved in his presence. He was always working and your mom did lots of fun activities with us and your brothers. He lived such a long good life and will be truly missed.

Angie BallantyneThank you everyone for the kind words about my grandfather. Our family appreciates it. He lived a long and fulfilled life and contributed so much. A kind soul who touched the lives of many. A photo of his wedding day ❤️

Llew Lloyd

How many of us still remember when young Dr. Roy came to town? One time when my son came home from a day of junior golf at Mississippi he made me guess who he had golfed with that day. He said the guy told him he’d known his father for a very long time. R.I.P. Wilf.

Joanne Clarke-MacDonald

With a family of 11, Dr. Roy was a frequent visitor..

Wilfred Norman Clarke

Posted Feb 22, 2022 at 07:17pm

Although my Mom swore that I was named after my uncle Wilfred Deschamp, I think that I was really named after Dr. Roy. He was my Mom’s doctor for my birth and the story goes that my Dad, who was really nervous about my birth, was told by Dr. Roy to go to his place and in the cupboard, was a bottle of Rye and have a few drinks. He would let him know when I was born. (10th kid out of 11)

Heather Roy

On behalf of the family, thank you for your kind words and being part of Wilfred Roy’s wonderful journey through life. Dad began his career as Civilian Medical Officer of Health at the RCAF base in Ft. Nelson, BC, running a 14 bed hospital there. As he was the only physician, Mom was flown out to deliver their first child. He always called me his “little Whitehorse baby”. Upon arrival to CP, we lived in Dr. Runnings house / office across from the United Church. Subsequently, 89 Beckwith St was built as home and office. There was a buzzer in our kitchen to summon Mom if Dad needed his nurse in the office. That location is now the Mississippi Chiropractic Health Centre. Perhaps of interest is that Marvin MacPherson and Dad developed the turf airstrip, now known as Carleton Place Airport. He took me flying one day and calmly said, “We are a bit lost. I’ll land in that farmer’s field and figure out where we are.” I was too young to be afraid and had total faith that my Dad could do anything! An active member of the community of Carleton Place, Dad’s hope was that he would make a difference in the lives of his patients, his family and his friends. At his surprise retirement party in 1990, Granddaughter Angela, age 8 at the time, recognized that her Grandpa was loved and respected by the town. She was even more impressed by the huge bow on the Grandfather clock gifted by the lovely people of CP.

From the Toronto Star Archives
File Location:
G2–Canada-Ontario-Carleton Place-124c-GO-353

Read-In Memory of Marvin MacPherson


W. A. Roy, M.D., C.M., C.C.F.P.

Made his final call on Thursday, February 17

Dr. Wilfred Arthur Roy
  of Carleton Place, Ontario, at 98 years of age.

Dearly beloved husband of the late Carmel Isobel (Blair) Roy. Cherished and respected father of Heather Roy (Jean Doré), Wilfred (Jane) Roy and Robert Roy.

Loving Grandpa to Robin (Stacie) Langtry, Angela Langtry (m. Matt Ballantyne), Charles (Jing) Roy and Jerry (Michelle) Roy. Great Grandfather to Benham and Gwen Langtry, Marie Roy, Lincoln Roy and Mason Ballantyne. 

Born on March 9th, 1923 in Timmins, Ontario to Louis Felix Roy and Marie Agléa Houle.
Pre-deceased by brothers Norman, Henry, Gerard “Ted”, George and Edgar. 
Also, pre-deceased by Ross Langtry, who was “like a son to me”.

Survived by many nieces and nephews. Will be especially missed by niece, Joanne (Roy) and Michael Miller as well as very close friends, Laurie and Paul Bullied.  

A proud graduate of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Faculty of Medicine in 1949, Wilfred interned at the Civic Hospital in Ottawa where he met the beautiful young Registered Nurse, Carmel Blair, who was to become his wife and best friend for 69 years. They so enjoyed their last 50 years together in their home at 246 High Street.

His first position was as Civilian Medical Officer of Health at the R.C.A.F. base in Ft. Nelson, BC where he operated a 14 bed hospital there. Carmel and their “little Whitehorse baby” were delayed in their return to him due to a major snow storm.

“Young” Dr. Roy opened his practice as General Physician and Surgeon in 1952 in Carleton Place, venturing back to the Ottawa Civic for a second year of education in General Surgery, Trauma and his favourite, Orthopedics. He was on the building committee for the Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital and an active staff member there since it’s opening in 1955. Courtesy staff at the Queensway Carleton Hospital and Almonte General Hospital, holding all executive offices of CP and Almonte Hospitals over the years, as well as all offices in the Lanark County Medical Society.
A natural teacher, he was involved with Ottawa University as a lecturer and provided education and training in his practice for residents in the program.

As a licensed private pilot and aircraft owner, he was quite pleased to be able to be a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner, Ontario and continued in this area of expertise following his retirement  in 1990. Always interested in the community he lived in, he was active in the East Lanark High School Board, the Municipal Arena operating committee, the CP “100” Service Club and on the Board of the Mississippi Golf Club. He loved to golf, curl, fish, garden and read, continuing to be involved and informed all his life. 

In his own words, “I would like to believe that, on a small scale, my life has made a worthwhile contribution to my family, patients and friends as well as my parents, brothers, their families and acquaintances through my sojourn in the medical field.”

In 1990, the lovely people of Carleton Place organized a surprise retirement party for Dad.  He turned quite pale when we escorted him in but rose to the occasion in his usual gracious manner with his sense of humour intact. Granddaughter Angela, age 8 at the time, was very impressed with the huge bow decorating the gift of a beautiful Grandfather clock. Her recent words ring true: “He has lived a long life. A good soul who has helped so many people and was respected. I saw how loved he was by the town at his retirement party.” 

The family extends its gratitude to all those who were part of Wilfred Roy’s wonderful journey through life. A special and heartfelt thank you to Dr. Roger Drake and the staff at AGH and Fairview Manor for the compassionate and professional care provided to Dad during the last three years. The “Old Warrior” taught us well and can rest now.


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