I Found My Thrill on Hall’s Hill

I Found My Thrill on Hall’s Hill

The Lanark Era –24 Nov 1915

The exhilarating pastime of bicycling down Hall’s Hill is one that appeals to the youngster looking for thrills. The momentum that a bicycle gains excites the rider, but the bump end, the whack that greets the poor pedestrian toiling upwards end onwards are not the things one expects in Lanark.

There ia a law which says you can’t run down yonr neighbour indiscriminately, and if this law is to be disregarded the Chief will play his part. Complaints are frequent and the public is long-suffering, but a peaceful citizen can’t be expected to restrain his temper if bicyle riders are allowed to behave like Huns.

Hall’s Hill is not a roller boller boaster by any means. If any person thinks it is, let him keep on thinking so and he will land at the end of his wild career with a charge against him that will take a lot of explaining. Our advice is to forsake the cement sidewalk and pedal to more congenial stretches where the going is good and pedestrians venture not.

So where was Hall’s Hill?

Robert Milotte

Halls Hill is the hill on Main Street right at the dog groomers the old Dairy Bar.  It was named after a gentleman named James Hall he was one of the first wave of settlers in the village from Scotland and had a big hand in erecting the first school in the area.

Susan M. Storie

 The dairy bar house was built by John McLean postmaster in the late 1800’s. My grandmother was adopted by Mr. McLean and then when she married, she and my Grandfather, Wallace Storie lived in the house, where they raised their nine children. They eventually sold it.

Susan M. StorieRobert Milotte so it is Hall’s Hill…. thank you so much for sharing this information. đź™‚ How is this not more known… I wonder…

Susan M. Storie I’m not sure Perhaps this information got lost as part of the history of the village because it was named for one of the original settlers in the 1820’s

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
12 Jul 1905, Wed  •  Page 4

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