Clippings and Memories of Deachman’s Bridge

Clippings and Memories of Deachman’s Bridge
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
07 Jun 1905, Wed  •  Page 1

The Kingston Whig-Standard
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
28 Jun 1946, Fri  •  Page 2
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
26 May 1909, Wed  •  Page 4
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
17 Feb 1909, Wed  •  Page 8
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
17 May 1911, Wed  •  Page 1
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
14 Apr 1909, Wed  •  Page 1
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
07 Sep 1904, Wed  •  Page 8
The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
14 Apr 1909, Wed  •  Page 1
Replaced in 1946– Photo Laurie Yuill

Bird Watching-

#11 Deachman’s Bridge, Lanark

How to Get There: Go to Lanark Village on Highway 511. In the middle of the village on the

main street (George), turn east on Owen and then onto Rosetta Road. Observation Point: The bridge is over the Clyde River, just out of the village.

Watch For: Swallows under the bridge, various water birds and black terns upriver. Continue on Rosetta Road for good open rural birding.

Seasonal Information: May to October is best at the bridge. All seasons for open rural areas. for more click here..

Theresa Barr

That bridge flooded every year until late into the 1970s. The ditches would fill with water to the dump corner. The road always closed for at least 2 weeks every spring.

Leanne Schonauer

Even till this day sometimes the bridge still floods in the spring and my in-laws Joan and Ernie McDougall have to cross Caldwell’s fields to get out. They live on Herrans Lane right at the bridge

Brady Scanlan

Spent a lot of time fishing at that bridge.

Crystal Cordick

My kids caught alot of fish off that bridge!

Blair T. Paul, Artist – Canadian and International

As a boy, I fished off that bridge many times with my Dad, brothers and friends. It was the place to go!

John McDougall

i fished off that bridge alot of times fishing bull heads

Susan M. Storie

Fond memories of fishing as a child there, with my dad and brother, uncles

Ken Barr

Apparently my name is carved into the top rail of this bridge. I still remember the talking to I got from my dad, because it was his knife I was using. This would have been about 1971. Ernie and Pete Hall and me spent months at this bridge fishing.

Theresa Barr

Ken Barr only one place. Lol. We tried carving our name many places on the bridge

Ken Barr
January 8, 2021  · 
Photo taken in spring 2019.

Arthur Whyte

Spent many an hour fishing off that bridge.

Les Morris

I spent half my life in that bridge

Blair PaulLanark Village Community Group
April 17, 2021  · Blair PaulThis is NOT Deachman’s Bridge, but it reminded me of the days spent out there fishing when I was a kid.

This photo I found on line reminds of the old days of fishing off Deachman’s Bridge outside of Lanark a little ways. Jim Paul and I would jump on our bikes, and head there whenever we could, and sometimes we even caught something…but if you are a fisherman/woman, you know the real fun is just being there.

Jeanie Maennling

each year a Mother turtle lays her eggs here. Unfortunately some creatures show up in the evening for a feast on the aforementioned eggs. Hopefully one or two hatch, but she lays about 30 eggs each time. Walked there today but no indication that she has been there yet.

Ben Willis

As a young lad dad would take us out to deachmans bridge we all caught our first here

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