Teamsters Horses and Accidents- Stuart McIntosh

Teamsters Horses and Accidents- Stuart McIntosh

Bill McIntosh and Orland Moses hooking up the team. Most teamsters will tell you: the neck yoke gets hooked first and unhooked last. How far the links are hooked from the D/ring depends on your team.

Mr. Salter owned the Queen’s Hotel in Carleton Place and during the decades, he and Mrs. Chatterton swapped ownership back and forth through the years. Who knew what was going on between the two of them? On the 31st of March in 1932 Mr. Salter was very lucky he did not lose his life that day when he drove Mr. Hambly of Ottawa who was a guest of the hotel to Lake Park on Mississippi Lake.

The horse was going at a great clip as he turned  in to stop at the front door. But the horse had other ideas and turned in sharp and the cutter struck a stone and the occupants were thrown out. Mr. Salter’s head struck the hard road and he was knocked out cold. There was a large gash on his head from back to front and the blood flowed from the gash.

Friends flocked around and he was carried into the Queen’s Hotel and Dr. Sinclair was summoned and Salter’s wounds were dressed and word was he suffered great pain.

These accidents from Untimely Demise by Mr. Shaw from the newspaper archives

Dec. 15, 1871 – A lad of 14 years, Charles Boyle, son of a widow residing in Almonte, came to
a violent death in the following manner. He was attending a threshing machine on Monday
when he came hastily out of the barn and put two span of horses in motion. Before the driver
could succeed in stopping them the unfortunate lad was caught in the coupling which attached
the horse power to the spindle driving the machine, and which dragged him roughly around. His
leg was badly broken also his ankle, his neck badly cut, besides other injuries. He lived only
two hours after the accident.

July 20, 1888- On Friday morning, Findlay and Thomas McIntyre were drawing in hay and the
horses became frightened and ran away across the field, jumping the fence and Thomas who
was on the wagon, was thrown to the ground and dragged for several yards and when his
brother Findlay reached the spot he found him insensible. He breathed only a few minutes and
passed away.

November, 1841 – William Burley, Constable for Division #5, Bathurst District, while on the
discharge of his duties, in returning home at a late hour on the night of Saturday, 13th, was
unfortunately killed by falling from his horse about two miles distant from Fitzroy Harbor on the
road to the village of Pakenham.

Feb., 1870 – A young man named Corkerry, 6th Line Ramsay, was driving a sleigh loaded with
wood and when descending a hill part of the load fell off the sleigh taking Corkerry along with
it. The horses took fright and started off. The young man was thrown in front of one of the
runners on the sleigh and was dragged in that position for some distance when the sleigh
passed over his body, crushing it severely. This accident was witnessed by two men in front
who stopped the horses and went to his assistance. He lingered for 24 hours when death put an
end to his sufferings.

June 27, 1873 – A fatal accident by a runaway horse occurred at Hopetown in the township of
Lanark last week. It appears that the horse, on being tied to a post, became frightened and in
some way pulled out the post and ran off. John Stewart of that place on seeing this ran around
the building for the purpose of stopping the horse but came in contact with it, receiving such a
wound on the breast that it caused his death in a few hours.

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