Documenting Stanzel History — Community Comments — Stanzell’s TAXI and the IDEAL Candy Shop

Documenting Stanzel History — Community Comments — Stanzell’s TAXI and the IDEAL Candy Shop
Stanzel House on Bridge Street–all photos from Allan Stanzel

Thank you to Allan Stanzel for all these photos and the community for your memories. Documented forever now.

John EdwardsThe house was notable as a pre-Confederation house, probably the 1840’s or the 1850’s. It had fine classical proportions and showed no structural problems.The Town had it destroyed for a parking lot as part of a hope to improve the plight of the Main Street. There was zero impact…

Donna McfarlaneRita and mose Okilman lived in the small side also… Garnet and Wilma lived there when first married also.. and i think a family Jenkins also

Allan StanzelDonna Mcfarlane remember Mose and Rita well Mose would take us kids to the dairy on Allan street and get us ice cream and it was always just before dinner Gram would tell him not to Donna you knew Gram it would always be a feast especially if your mom Martha was visiting. Miss those days good memories.

Donna McfarlaneAllan Stanzel Yes lots of memories Allan.. called your GRanma aunt Etheleen… as did my kids.. She and mom were like sisters

Allan StanzelYes and we called your Mom Aunt Martha

James McNallyWasn’t the gas station beside it

Allan StanzelGas station was next to the doucett building

Doug ThorntonLived at 92 Bridge Street, next door (where Doucette’s building is now) from 54 to 59, friends with Don Stanzel. Remember the raccoon.

Allan StanzelThat was my Grandparents home Walter and Ethelyn Stanzel they owned it before 1950 not sure the exact year but definitely during war time. It had a small building at the side that was a candy store and a large barn and garage in the back. My parents lived in one side in the late 50s until early 1960s. There was a house beside it until it was taken down and Doucett put an office building beside it in the mid 70s. My Grandfather ran his Taxi business out of there also sharpened skates in the back shed for people and the local hockey teams .They did have a pet raccoon they would walk on a leash but not a skunk that I recall I have pics of it that I will dig up and post. My grandmother sold the house in the late 70s to the town and they removed the barn and structures in the back and put in a parking lot. I grew up in that house when my parents went to work it was always fun to explore from the house with an old stone basement to the garage and the barn in the back.

Allan StanzelI see my grandmother on the left on the front step the other two ladies not so sure more than likely her sisters.

Dan WilliamsI was telling someone the other day that that Taxi sign was reachable for a jumping kid! Donnie and I went to school together amongst other things.

Chris MichiePaved paradise, put up a parking lot.

Rich Morgan

My Mother worked at The Ideal Candy and Smoke Shop in the mid 60’s! Friday evenings were the best; we picked her up after work and always were allowed a treat!

Allan Stanzel
Rich Morgan I can still remember the smell off candy and pipe tobacco when you would walk in the door.

Rich Morgan

Allan Stanzel 5 cent sponge toffee in the clear plastic wrapper! My favourite!

Allan StanzelThe building was all clapboard when my grandparents bought it he then in the 50s had it sided and bricked on the front. Information is a little off I can provide pictures of it being bricked my Mom has them if anyone is interested as well as my Grandfather walking the raccoon on Main Street.

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