Documenting Something We Didn’t Know – Doctor Worley — Jordan Montfils and Donna McFarlane


There is no way I can document this local history without your help. Each time we find out something new I smile and get so happy. Hopefully down the road someone from a younger generation will be smilling also.

Jordan Montfils asked me a question this week.

Hello again Linda – have you ever heard or known there to be a doctors office in Ashton? Circa 1940s?

Ernest (Ernie) Roe

Ernest was his middle name. Died in 1944. September I believe.

And possibly if you toss the name Jason Roe out there – Great Great Grandfather. Died in 1945.

Thanks Linda. The Roes actually settled in Munster and area. I have a picture of my great great grandfather (ernies dad) apparently it was taken at Ashton train station.

There is only one person I would ask on this area’s history and that would be Donna McFarlane. So I asked and she quickly had an answer:

Yes there was a Dr Worley, may not be spelled right. He put stitches in my husband John when he got hit with an axe.. His house was right in Ashton.. the street behind the old Jinkinson garage which is on the curve. In the Stittsville papers it says he started in 1908 in Ashton. Donna

Originally Dr.Worley’s home in early 1900’son Worley Street in Ashton

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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