So Where was this Bridge? Melanie Johnston Mason Photos Ferguson Family

So Where was this Bridge? Melanie Johnston Mason Photos Ferguson Family
Melanie Johnston Mason
November 6 at 1:46 PM  · 

Allan James Ferguson and Amelia Jane Ferguson children of James Allan Ferguson and Jane McCallum
Melanie Johnston Mason
November 6 at 1:46 PM  · 

Allan James Ferguson son of James Allan Ferguson and Jane McCallum

I thought it was the floating bridge at Clayton. It wasn’t…

Brian MunroDoubt it. Bridge seems too short

Wayne ReidBrian Munro and no stumps sticking up either

Stuart McIntoshThere were hills near both ends of the floating bridge. Many of the earlier wooden bridges were constructed this way but this one doesn’t appear to be long enough to be the floating bridge below Taylor Lake.

Stuart McIntoshDon’t know these folks and the landmarks are unfamiliar but the fences in the background may indicate a bridge on a private laneway like Lornie Wark used to have. We got stuck on it one snowy night after a Christmas concert.

Joan ArmstrongKen MacDonald wasn’t there a floating bridge down the 11th conc (MUNRO Line)? Haven’t been down there for years.

Ken MacDonaldJoan Armstrong yes there was one on the 11thconcession of Lanark but it was longer than this as well, swampy on north end and no real flat farm land on the other.It went across to Robertsons and Elmer Yuills towards Galbraith

So there you have it and these photos from the Ferguson family. Any ideas?

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