Professor Vernon Hypnotist — Lanark County Favourite

Professor Vernon Hypnotist — Lanark County Favourite
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 Dec 1900, Sat  •  Page 14
Almonte Gazette Dec 1900

Prof. Vernon, as is well known, is considered the greatest American authority on these subjects. He has devoted many years to research and In endeavoring to unearth and bring to light the hidden truths that he might be able t0 take his stand before the world on his theories and beliefs and prove his statemedisHe had ever before him the desire of being able to place the science on a level with the other sciences which are closely allied to the best Interests of humanity, and no exertion “Vas too arduous ; no expenditure of time or labor too great for his accomplishment. 

He realized many years ago that the public hypnotist had the opportunity, If he would but seize It, of doing the greatest possible good by pre^wlng the people for the general use of suggestion by the physicians who dared not use It In their practice because of the superstition of the people, which was due to the fact that the subject had never been presented along the lines of truth. With this realization came the desire to make the attempt to give the masses the truth by means of public exhibition work. He had been traveling for a number of years, lecturing and giving demonstrations of the possibilities of the scientific value of these subjects, when he was induced to found such a college and accept the ruler of psychology. This Institution Is equipped to furnish the first and only reliable information ever offered to the American people, ‘treating the subjects wholly from a high educational standpoint.

The success which has crowned Prof. Vernon’s efforts, proves to us that literary and professional men appreciate the value of his earnest efforts to lift the veil of mystery which has been hanging over this valuable science, and to present In a simple form the results of his years of research. Prof. Vernon has had many years’ experience In teaching and demonstrating psychology, and has the faculty of expressing himself so clearly, that any man of ordinary Intelligence can easily comprehend his Instruction and become a proficient operator.

The science of psychology, mesmerism, hypnottam, or the force which has been designated by a dozen different men since the advent of man. It was the mental and not the material organization of man which was the Controlling influence, and today, it is fully demonstrated by the results that this is true, and that the mind of man Is the seat of all power emanating from the human body.

Democrat and Chronicle
Rochester, New York
14 Feb 1901, Thu  •  Page 8

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