Documenting Badour’s Inn Almonte

Documenting Badour’s Inn Almonte
1962 Almonte Gazette

Sandra Houston It was on Ottawa Street I think

Nora HeadleyBadour’s was across from the “old” water tower. It was the second building before Harold Street, as you are leaving town. They had juke boxes.

Mary Anne HarrisonAcross from my Grammie Carroll’s on Ottawa Street.

Mary Anne HarrisonIt was a real treat to stay in town and get to go across the street to the restaurant.

Peggy ByrneThe white three story Badour house on the corner of Ottawa St. and Harold St. is currently for sale and the restaurant was in the smaller building beside it.

Stacey FarrellPeggy Byrne Gale Farrell (Badour) was my grandma 🙂 she raised my dad and 2 other siblings in the tiny White House

Peggy ByrneStacey Farrell , yes, I knew your Grandma & Grampa as well as your Great Grandparents as my family lived across the road on Ottawa St when I was just a kid.

Bob BranjeGail farrell was a badour. Believe her family owned ot and gail worked in diner connected to it.was farrell home fr years.

Stacey Farrellmy granny was Gale Badour and her mother was Laura Badour that owner the 44 inn 🙂 it was indeed on Ottawa street!!

Gwen OneillStacey Farrell Stacey your dad was called after Gail’s brother Donnie who died in the 2nd world war.

Donna BeauvaisI rented a small apt when Gail was working the diner. The Badours treated me very well and even though it was small I enjoyed my time there. They were wonderful people and I always remember them with fondness. .

Gwen OneillDonna Beauvais yes mrs Badour helped my mom when my family had Mel’s snack bar and I believe Gail worked there as well all with Marlene and Sandra Perfitt.Great fun there with Gail and Jerome

Paul LeBlancGwen Oneill I had the pleasure of working with Gail when she worked at the Superior, wonderful wonderful lady

Cathy PatersonMy Mom worked there

Theresa C ToshIt was located right beside the apartment building on the corner of Ottawa and Harold street. There’s a small house there now. My aunt worked there.

Sharon SavardSpent a lot of time in the Forty Four Inn We just called it Badours.

Gwen OneillSharon Savard yes i forgot they called it the forty four inn. The good old days when the restaurant closed we would have a beer or 2.

Ray O’KeefeOne of my favorite eating places on Sat. night. Food was great and the prices were affordable.

Mary Anne HarrisonDidn’t Gail work at the original Mammas Place after Badour’s closed.

Arlene SavardYes she did M A, was a great waitress too.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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