The Paquette Boys – Wilma Stevens Part 2

The Paquette Boys – Wilma Stevens Part 2

Your Wilma Stevens post this morning brought back a “flood” of memories. This time of year my brother Tedd and I would be spending most of the summer at Tom and Wilma’s cottage-at Longview Island on Mississippi Lake, opposite Squaw Point on the 9th line of Beckwith. The original cottage was built in 1938 I believe and included a wood shed, an ice house, and an outhouse with a boathouse on the mainland accessed from the 9th line. The Nichols owned half the island and later built a cottage on a point facing the mainland which they made available to relatives. It was recently listed for sale as “170 Longview Island” although, it has been substantially renovated and updated from what I remember as a boy! Read So Who was Wilma Stevens of Carleton Place? Nichols Family History

Following Uncle Tom’s death, the cottages and land were sold to Harry Probert who had plans for sub dividing the property and selling lots. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding subsequent events but the cottage and a portion of the land became the property of Tom’s son, Bill. He owned it for a number of years and subsequently sold the main cottage and what property remained to the current owner. Mr. Probert Was able to sell a lot to Mike and Irene Papworth (nee Chamney) and I believe the cottage on the point to the Sample family from Richmond.  You must remember that I was not in Carleton Place during these later years, so my recollections are second hand and therefore probably  not accurate.

In later years, Aunt Wilma lived her final years in the seniors residence at 126 Sussex Street.

By the way my mother’s name was Viola not Violet..


Interestingly, the house at the north east corner of Queen and Munro, formerly owned by Lloyd McFarlane, was built on the same floor plan… Before and After in Carleton Place –The Doctor is in!

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