What did you Buy at The Dairy?

Angie BallantyneMy grandparents Naomi Loton and Gordon Langtry used to run that dairy and lived upstairs. I have an old milk bottle! 😊

The question was: Go back in time.. What are you going to buy at the Dairy today on Bridge Street?

Kevin St JeanI believe paul dulmages dog shopped there

Jo-Anne Drader NelsonWas the dog a black lab ? I remember seeing him all over town when I was young. He just went wherever he wanted. Very nice dog.

Terry LathamCould have been Duke he used to wander all over town. Stop in for a visit at some places. All I had to do is stop and ask if he wanted a drive home and he would jump in my truck if he did. Or just walk away if not.

Cathy DulmageHe stopped there every day for a treat from Mr Veenstra. Also he stopped at the bottom of Argyle St to drink from the stream every day and many other places

Paul HodginsI remember Duke in the water going after orange balls that sank but he would dive down and get them every time Amazing dog Duke was ❤🐕

Gail Sheen-MacDonaldMilkshake for my bother, sister and me, an ice cream cone for my mom and a quart of buttermilk (uggh!) for my dad.

Brian Giffin5 cent ice cream cone after church

Sandy HudsonIce cream

Leslie Garagan.25 would get me a big bag of mixed candies.

Bj LayComic books, video games, !!! Thanks Fred!!!

Janine McDonald AzzouzCandy on route to the movie at the Town Hall.

Lorraine NephinMilkshake.

Kathy DevlinA bag of penny candy or maybe be a popsicle

Mark Pyegrade 7 Carambeck,walk down and buy sweet tarts…

Linda; from Gord CrossMore Memories of the Maple Leaf Dairy–Ray Paquette2 hours
A lot of your younger followers would probably be unable to identify the people pictured on the steps, I can only name three: Ray Morrell, Isobel (Nesbit) Bryce and Joann (Waugh) Cullen….

Jo-Anne Drader NelsonIn line on a Friday night to buy a bag of mixed candy. Fred must of had a lot of patience. Every kid picking out each candy. 4 mojos ,2 blue whales etc …. Lol

Ruth Anne SchnuppDefinately an ice cream cone !

Toby RandellGrowing up, as soon as you walked in on the right was a wall of penny candies. That was the go to, but a close second would have been an ice cream cone.

Toby RandellTotally forgot the giant freezies.

Bill ConallThree-scoop ice cream cone. Fifteen cents

Shannon ToshIce cream cones

Norma JacksonTiger tail ice cream

Sonya SpurwayIce cream !!!!

Sandi Shaw

Ted HurdisPenny candy and ice cream

Donna Griersonmilkshake

Brianna Ryan1 cent candies😍

Kate HurdisCandy, marbles and pogs

Cathy PatersonPop candy ice cream

Amanda WaterfieldRenting videos games is what I remember doing

Mel StanzelI had a milkshake after finshing my paper route . milk shake made by the eldest Nesbitt girl

Tom MontreuilOrange sherbet cone and milk shake cups for drinking whiskey

nna LeMaistreChocolate milkshake 25 cents

Phil HallahanThose maple toffee cones

Jane ChurchillPenny candy and chocolate milkshakes; picking up smokes and Coca Cola for my mom when I was only about 5 or six years old 🙂

Karen Frances RintoulJane Churchill I remember going and getting Velveeta mac & cheese and the popcorn you shake on top of the stove and then going to your place. I don’t even know how old I was.

Kimberly Townend-WillettsI loved the smell, I can still remember it even though I was 2 years old.

Heather DormanFuzzy peaches from the 5cent candies because I’m a high roller 😂I once tried to buy candies with my moms silver dollar and he called my mom 😅

Yvonne RobillardOmg, moved here 1983 but visited from 1980,didn’t recognize the dairy, but did get ice cream there from fred veenstra!

Phyllis BensonIce cream cone

Joanna LucianoPre-scoop tools; remember the cylindrical shaped ice cream portion set in the cone??

Jeff RobertsonVideo games. Bigfoot candies and always shooting the shit with the owners!

Bonnie AdamsI could always get a Saturday Citizen there on Sunday

Angela BigrasIce cream

Sandra DakersYou’d be surprised what a big bag of candy you could get for 10 cents

Beth NolanMy grandparents lived o Heriotte Street..my grandfather and I went to the Dairy after supper and got ice cream cones for each of us, for my grandmother and Uncle Allan….I use to run down to buy milk if my grandmother needed some…..then I’d go to Millers stable on the back street to see the horses

Carly DrummondWe used to rent Super Nintendo games from here & get their cheap candies!

Adam DowdallI would buy marbles there

Keith DrummondI grew up living a block away from the Dairy since I was 2 (1965). I don’t recall seeing all of you there 😃 but Fred was the only owner I knew of. Twenty five cents did go a long way back then.

Keith Drummond hey neighbour, I saw you there and at my house many times!! 😉Jane Churchill

Dave WhiteIce Cream

Danielle TreffA banana and chocolate popsicle, and an N64 game for the weekend

Larry DelargeIce cream

Wesley ParsonsFlavored toothpicks and 10cent chocolate popsicles

Rebecca ChampagneAs a child I would go here countless amount of times. I remember buying Garbage Pail Kids cards. They all came with a stick of gum. I would also rent Nintendo games there as well.

Pam McCauleyCandy

Elizabeth SmithGiant licorices. One time, my friends and I convinced Fred to sell us a full bag of the penny candy. 800 gummy bears

Kaylea White100 sweetish berries

Thelma SavardIce cream you would go with a bowl and it would be filled up for supper dessert can you imagine now going with a bowl?

Marjorie GawThelma Savard awesome

Megan KerryCandy on the way to swim practice

Alana FlintMaple Walnut Ice Cream and Salt ‘n Vinegar Chips for dipping in the ice cream!

Cody Smithson$1.00 pepperoni stick and a $1.00 can of pizza pringles. Fred never charged me tax and would always have a fresh news paper for me to take back to my grandfather.

Lyann LockhartAny candies that were 2 for 1cent and 3 for 1 cent. Mojos , green leaves , gum balls and caramels but they were 2 cents.

Allison VaughanDidn’t go there often but recall getting candies there

Laurie Stearns-SmithA little brown bag filled with as many candies as a quarter would get me. It was surprising how much you could buy.

Bill LemayMy dad smoked Buckingham cigarette s choke a horse

Amanda KatFill a paper bag with 5 cent candies 

Bill BrownHot summer days as a kid – ice cream – candy

Andrea McCoyGood stuff. 15 cents bought enough

So what has happened to the Dairy?

Zoe Whitney-HandI used to buy .25 cent candies and milk for my parents, it was recently renovated into two newer apartments on the bottom where the store was and the original two up top

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  1. A lot of your younger followers would probably be unable to identify the people pictured on the steps, I can only name three: Ray Morrell, Isobel (Nesbit) Bryce and Joann (Waugh) Cullen….


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