And they Keep Coming- Memories of Summer

And they Keep Coming- Memories of Summer

Jan McCarten SansomI remember it well, and swimming lessons there every summer

Marlene SpringerThat’s how I remember the beach part of the park when I took swimming lessons

Peter BradleyRemember the “buddy” system when you were doing swimming PE at CPHS

Linda Gallipeau-JohnstonTook swimming lessons here – would spend all day long here in summer months – wasn’t allowed to swim in Aug though. Remember the twirlers on the other side of the road and the old change house. Those metal slides on hot days!

Hazel Stewart-HuneaultI remember the raft. Great pic

Ann Stearns RawsonI remember those trees and the benches. My mom would sit there while we had swimming lessons and played in the water afterwards.

Dan WilliamsLinda Gallipeau-Johnston Isn’t it odd that something as simple as taking you for a swim could make a memory that lasts forever. I have a similar one with my dad taking Pat and I swimming but not at the beach. Somewhere near the railroad bridge. I remember Pat seeing a bug and throwing a fit.

Paul HodginsOMG I remember that yellow bench that was between the trees. My Mom would sit there for hrs watching us kids swim.If we were good got to go to canteen. Always went to canteen LOL ❤❤

Bill Russell

July 6 at 10:33 AM  · Jim McKittrick I think Paul is in this pic🤣

Barry TraffordI remember those days! They even allowed camping there around. I remember when the water tower overflowed and us kids would run underneath it. Good old days.

Liana Gallanti climbed part way up the ladder on that water tower once, until the cops came along and td me to get down! I can’t remember who was with me but I’m sure I wouldn’t have done it alone! I’ve told my kids about this feat, but they tease me unmercifully, because the tower is no longer there and they tell me I made that story up – lol.. Anyone here help me out?

Dan WilliamsLiana Gallant Just tell them it was the thing to do. They can ask most anybody in CP and they will have either climbed it themselves or know somebody who did.

John ArmourUsed to have to walk down hot oiled roads to go to the booth for a sundae, milkshake or Coke. Early 1960’s.Can remember every year, (when I was around 4 years old-really young), Jackie and Georgie Baker, along with Colin Julian, maybe Murray Hedderson, placing me (lightweight) in a homemade go-cart (wheels nailed on 2×4’s, rope steering, as I was light (age 3 to 5 or 6). They would annually, push me from Frank Street thru Leigh Instruments (even before it was Leigh Instruments) up to the beach and park on the sand beach. They would quietly scoop sand into the cart, (keeping an eye out for Chief Herb Cornell) and then take us back to their house, to unload the sand for the bottom of their tent. (Canvas tents had no bottoms in those days). Even with a lightweight like me riding to steer, the weight of the sand still broke the wheels off by the time we’d get there.I loved the Baker’s. The boys looked after me and the girls (Elizaberh, Joanie and Jeanie all babysat me, as a tot). They were great people on Frank Street and I think of them often.

Andrea NephinJohn Armour Elizabeth Baker babysat Johnny & I many times & the twins, Jeanie & Joanie were great friends. Many fond memories of the Baker family who lived across the street from us in our childhood.

Alana FlintLinda Gallipeau-Johnston I loved that smell along with the poplar sap from the trees along the road😊

Tom MontreuilLoved the old booth down past the high school

Susan Mary RiskThat raft used to buffer the deep spot between the far shore and a big rock where everyone rested. Now there is just a rock but the water is still way over the head close to the baby shore.

Karen RobinsonI do remember the park like that. My Dad would take us swimming when he came home from work in Ottawa. Swam across the river many times when I got older. Love that park.

Mitzi BrownstoneI think this is the place that my grandfather would take us to visit . Did they sell ice cream there?

Richard Hepton
July 5 at 11:30 PM  · 

There were great times on the riverbank. The boy in this hydroplane is now 18….

Ruth Anne SchnuppI remember those days! – in those times all we had was the Park in the summer & the arena in the winter . But we sure had fun !

Thelma SavardJack hurdis used to take us in the evening after we spent the whole day there

Thelma SavardWe were sent out early morning for our lessons stayed all day packed a lunch

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