Tell me the Story About this Plane.. The Answer is….

Tell me the Story About this Plane.. The Answer is….

Sandra Sanderson photo—Can anyone shed some light on this old photo. Looks like the firehall in Almonte, but the aircraft in front is a mystery.

Linda says : Now there was a story the late Gerald Hastie told me about a plane that was flown by a local and he came so low near the Mississippi Hotel in CP he nearly took the roof off back in the 40s.. Anyone have any idea?

Wesley ParsonsThe lighting on this picture makes no sense. How are the front steps getting sunlight but the plane isn’t? There’s no shadow either.

Shaun BradleyWesley Parsons pretty sure thats snow on the steps

Larry ClarkCan’t see the markings on the a/c but certainly not WWII era. Looks like something from the 60/70s. I have attached a photo I have of a CF100 flying thru the SAGE tunnel. Something conjured up by the base photo section, I’m sure.

Deborah RathCould it be a double exposed shot

Kevin PercyThat looks like a 4 engined plane which would be quite large to fly in the space between the buildings there. Suspect it is a doctored photo, as what are the chances that someone would have been there with a camera ( before cell phone cameras) at that exact instant

Robin HudsonThe livery looks like BOAC, possibly a DC-4 Argonaut. 93 feet long with four turboprops, so this photo is impossible. Inclined to think this is a model or cutout held up in front of the camera (which might explain the small pinhole on the dorsal fuselage).

Sandra Hurdis FiniganIt’s not a real plane. You can see the small hole on the top of the plane where it would have been hanging in the window across the street. It is paper or cardboard. Was there a travel agency?

Paul BergsmaThe ghost of Roy Brown doing a fly by in Almonte as a prank?

Diane DesjardinsPaul Bergsma Even Roy Brown would deny that

Steve RaceyI’m thinking that the plane in the silhouette is some sort of amature attempt at photoshop. It’s too small to be in the space between the town hall and the other side of the street. Know what I mean?

Diane DesjardinsStory says Almonte at the beginning and then CP at the end of the same sentence. and Steve R., know what I mean.?

Jean PerkinsPerhaps taken from inside window of the establishment across the street ? Was it ever a travel agency ?

Kurt HahnJean Perkins that’s it, I thinks I remember that.

Kurt Hahn Yes, Kurt, there was a travel agency across the road many years ago

Rose Mary SarsfieldThe plane isn’t even blurry!

Don AndrewsThere a guy named Jackie Watson who was a pilot who trained flyers for the war. Him and his family farmed at country street and hwy 29. It was where earl cowan farmed. When the farmers were drawing on their hay. He would fly low and scare their horses

Cate JohnsonIf you look closely, you can see the outlines of the windows on the town hall through the aircraft. The aircraft looks like a DC-7. I am probably wrong though

Diane L BrownYou can see a tiny hole at the back of this (toy plane) to hang it from

Sandra SandersonIt’s a large picture, 8×10, and was sealed in a plastic bag so I thought there was something unique to it.

Diane DuncanDouble exposure in old camera?

Jack EdwardsSomeone once told me that during the 50’s or 60’s an Almonte person in the RCAF buzzed the town in a Sabre Jet. And got into lot’s of poo for it! No idea if it’s true.

Barbara ThomsonMy mother-in-law, Kathleen Thomson told me this story, confirmed by my father-in-law, Mac. In 1946, my husband, Paul Thomson, was born at the Rosamond Hospital in Almonte. He was the first born of Kathleen Coxford (her nickname was Tat) and Cy Thomson (his nickname was Mac). My father-in-law, Mac, was flying for Trans Canada Airlines. He was piloting a plane from Toronto to Ottawa, when he was told by Trans Canada Airlines, that his son was born! He “diverted” slightly from his course to Ottawa, buzzed the Rosamond Hospital and waggled his wings. I believe he was flying a DC-3. Mac said he announced the birth of Paul to the passengers and they are clapped! He said when he got to Ottawa, the control tower noted, slight diversion due to weather.

Susan Elliott ToppingBrenda Marshall I thought the angle would be from the Barber Shop. Pretty cool–

Brenda MarshallActually my father Wilmonte Little took the picture. He was the barber in town across from the town hall. He was advertising for my uncle Tommy McElligott who had a travel agency in Renfrew. The plane was a cardboard replica of a ? Airline. No photoshop back then. It was actually 50 years ago when the picture was taken.

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