Camelon Clan Reunion – The The Buchanan Scrapbook

Camelon Clan Reunion – The The Buchanan Scrapbook
With files from The Keeper of the Scrapbooks — Christina ‘tina’  Camelon Buchanan — Thanks to Diane Juby— click here..

For more Camelon clan reads click here.. Where is it Now? The Heirloom of William Camelon

A Get-Together Evening Of the Camelon Clan
At Clayton, Ontario Thursday, November 3rd, 1938

Kevin Camelon who presently lives in Bangkok, Thailand
 Following are the Names and Addresses of those present:

Mrs. Henry Tetlock, (Aunt Marion Camelon) Grenfell, Sask.
Mrs. John Rintoul, (Aunt Janet Camelon) Clayton, Ont.
Mrs. George McFarlane, (Aunt Maggie Camelon), Lanark, Ont.
Mrs. John Cox, (Aunt Aggie Camelon), Paynton, Sask.
Mr. David Camelon, (Uncle Dave), Clayton, Ont.
 John A. Craig, Calabogie, Ont.Aged 58 years
 Mrs. John A. Craig, Calabogie, Ont. (Alberta Olive Stewart)Aged 53 years
 Melvin Campbell, Renfrew, Ont.Aged 33 years
 Mrs. Melvin Campbell, (Alma Craig)Aged 30 years
 Clarence Craig, CalabogieAged 26 years
 Mrs. Clarence Craig, Calabogie ( Muriel ?? )Aged 20 years
 Mrs. Robert Bradley, Kinburn (Hatie Camelon)Aged 54 years
 Eddie Bradley, Kinburn, Ont.Aged 23 years
 Dave Fulton, R. R. 1, PakenhamAged 51 years
 Mrs. Dave Fulton, R. R. 1, Pakenham (Kate Kearney)Aged 53 years
 James Fulton, R. R. 1, PakenhamAged 20 years
 Cliff Ballanyne, R. R. 2 LanarkAged 48 years
 Mrs. Cliff Ballantyne, (May McFarlane)Aged 43 years
 Herbert Ballantyne, LanarkAged 17 years
 Mary Ballantyne, LanarkAged 14 years
 Clifford Ballantyne, LanarkAged 8 years
 Donald McEwen, R. R. 1, LanarkAged 23 years
 Mrs. Donald McEwen, (Margaret Ballantyne)Aged 19 years
 Mrs. Jeffrey McBride, 142 Bayswater Ave, Ottawa (Jennie Camelon)Aged 53 years
 Robt. S. Fulton, R. R. 1, PakenhamAged 53 years
 Mrs. Robt. S. Fulton, R. R. 1, Pakenham (Effie L. Miller)Aged 42 years
 James A. Fulton, R. R. 1, PakenhamAged 17 years
 Howard Fulton, R. R. 1, PakenhamAged 16 years
 Margaret Fulton, R. R. 1, PakenhamAged 11 years
 James Fulton, AdmastonAged 46 years
 Mrs. James Fulton, Admaston (Eva Munro)Aged 41 years
 Vernary Fulton, AdmastonAged 8 years
 Beth Fulton, AdmastonAged 5 years
 James Stuart Fulton, jr., AdmastonAged 3 years
 George R. McFarlane, R. R. 2, LanarkAged 37 years
 Mrs. George R. McFarlane, R. R. 2, Lanark (Ethel A. Finlayson)Aged 36 years
 John McFarlane, R. R. 2, LanarkAged 7 years
 Stewart Fulton, R. R. 1, PakenhamAged 41 years
 Mrs. Stuart Fulton, R. R. 1, Pakenham (Mary Letitia McCann)Aged 36 years
 Alex. Virgin, Clayton, Ont.Aged 42 years
 Mrs. Alex. Virgin, (Jean Rintoul)Aged 40 years
 Jeanette Virgin, ClaytonAged 20 years
 Nathan H. Virgin, ClaytonAged 18 years
 Edith Virgin, ClaytonAged 12 years
 D. C. McFarlane, RenfrewAged 47 years
 Mrs. D. C. McFarlane, Renfrew (Elsie Mildred Guest)Aged 42 years
 William Rintoul, ClaytonAged 49 years
 Mrs. William Rintoul, Clayton (Eva Bella Rodger)Aged 46 years
 Eleanor Rintoul, ClaytonAged 22 years
 Margaret Rintoul, ClaytonAged 19 years
 Edna Rintoul, ClaytonAged 16 years
 Wilmo Rintoul, ClaytonAged 8 years
 Mrs. Dave Rintoul, Clayton (Isabella Camelon)Aged 39 years
 Jim Rintoul, ClaytonAged 13 years
 Dave Camelon, Carleton PlaceAged 39 years
 Mrs. Dave Camelon, Carleton Place (Annie Luella McDowell)Aged 38 years
 Stirling Camelon, Carleton PlaceAged 12 years
 Dorothy Anne Camelon, Carleton PlaceAged 4 years
 Mervyn Camelon, Carleton PlaceAged 3 years
 W. H. McFarlane, ArnpriorAged 47 years
 Mrs. W. H. McFarlane, Arnprior (Mary Elizabeth Deachman)Aged 45 years
 Viola Cox, Paynton, Sask.Aged 28 years
 Mrs. Henry McQuatt, Woodlawn (Nellie Camelon)Aged 57 years
 David McQuatt, WoodlawnAged 18 years
 Delmer McQuatt, WoodlawnAged 16 years
 Lloyd Irwin, Carp, Ont.Aged 21 years
 Mrs. Lloyd Irwin, (Elsie McQuatt)Aged 26 years
from rootsweb

Camelon Private Burial SiteCommunity: east of BrightsideTownship: Darling Township (Concession 4, Lot 2W)Locality: Lanark CountyMunicipality: Lanark HighlandsProvince: ON

Camelon Family- NOt sure which one
This picture is David CAMELON – 1870/1947 and UNKNOWN – this lady could be his 1st wife or his sister.

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