Documenting Some Queen’s Hotel Photos

Documenting Some Queen’s Hotel Photos

Photo- Jo-Anne Dowdall

Lynne Johnsonthey don’t look of age!

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownLynne Johnson close … does that count

Heather BigrasI recognize that wallpaper anywhere lol

Bryan ReingoldWhere we drank in Toronto at the Hayloft (part of the Ports of Call), a jug of beer was $1.75 That would have been about 1971 or so.

Byron BuddGreat loss to Carleton Place. When the Queen’s and the Mississippi closed there doors. Sure as hell don’t make them like that now 🍺🍻

Llew LloydYou missed a great life learning experience if you never waited tables in the Queen’s Hotel men’s room

John EdwardsI was never allowed into either hotel.

Deedee SonnenburgMy uncle was a bartender there in the early 80’s, I remember as a kid sitting at the bar with a mini bottle of coke, I felt so grown up

Jack DenovanI played gigs in both.The “Miss” was an adventure for sure.

Philip LeeWhen I was 16 I had a summer job in Almont and was going through a period of reconciled difference of opinion with my parents, I roomed at the hotel.

Holley Gardinerwow Phillip That must havebeen an experience

Philip LeeHolley Gardiner Young and foolish😁

Jodi Bayley HanesJo-Anne Dowdall-Brown haha. Wish we had more pics of those days !

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownJodi Bayley Hanes and that is not me in the back …. because I would not have been of age!

Wendy Tilley John CorneilThe Queen’s Rules! Many interesting experiences started there..

Harry PageAs long as your cash was of age everything was good!

Greg WrightThose pitchers were always delicous…lol

Toby RandellThat’s my brother Craig Randell back row right

David RobertsonToby Randell are you sure that is your brother _ I think it is Marc Dumais … I don’t remember him in attendance but I could be wrong — yes the pic reminds me of your brother but I don’t think it is him

Toby RandellDavid Robertson confirmed by 3 family members and Craig himself

David RobertsonThe ones leading me a stray in the picture are : top Row Jo-Anne Dowdall, Marc Dumais Middle row: Heather McDermid ,Penny Gear, Elizabeth Hailstone ,myself David Robertson Bottom Row: David Jeschor and Shawn Oakey .. I think this was around Grade 12 graduation as I remember us singing ” We Don’t Need No Education” Pink Floyd and talking about the end of school .. can anyone one in the picture confirm

Holley GardinerDavid Robertson I think that might be Sandra Ford beside Heather McDiarimd

David Robertsonmmm – it looks like Penny to me but it could be Sandra .. maybe Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown remembers who is beside Heather .. Is it Sandra or Penny .. I seem to remember Penny in attendance but I don’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday let alone 42 or 43 years ago LOL

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownDavid Robertson definitely Sandra

David RobertsonJo-Anne Dowdall-Brown – so only one wrong – i guess i pass the memory test almost — was this pic taken around the end of grade 12 ??

Jo-Anne Dowdall-BrownDavid Robertson it was grade 13 I thought.

Stephen GilesSaturday night at the Queens…great live bands…great memories Lynne Johnson

The Queens Hotel. Golden Nugget lounge. 1970s
Pam McCauley That’s my mommy– Delphine!! she was Miss Smiths Falls one year – good memory
Gail Laycock — obituary

Gail Laycock
February 10, 1940 – August 9, 2020

Our family is heartbroken to announce the sudden passing of Gail Rose Elaine Laycock, 80, of Carleton Place on August 9, 2020 surrounded by her family. She was married to her soul mate, best friend and loving husband Geoff where they lived in Carleton Place after relocating from Grimsby, Ontario when they purchased the legendary “Queens Hotel” in 1969.

Gail leaves behind her two children who were proud to call her mom: Pat (John) and Sue (Kevin). She was adored by her 5 grandchildren; Shyla, Tyler (Tash), Kelsey (Cory), Meaghan and Derek who will truly miss their “Grams, Grammy”. “GG Ma” became her name after being blessed with 6 great-grandchildren; Eva, Emerson, Georgia, Taylor, Kaycee and Brynn who she bragged about to many family and friends.

She was born to the late Dorothy and George Tyler and predeceased by her brothers Ron and Jim. Gail graduated from Dundas High School in 1958 and from the Hamilton Hospital School of Nursing in the Class of 61 where she leaves behind her nursing friends of 65 years. “May you always walk in Sunshine”. Gail loved to love people and had many loving family and friends who will feel this loss terribly. Geoff and Gail were fortunate to travel the world together where Gail will spend her eternity at seas at a later date.

“The Cards are being dealt in Heaven”

Dolores Murgatroyd-Williams
September 24, 2017  · 
Dolores Murgatroyd-Williams
September 24, 2017  · 

Ray Paquette

Saturday afternoons spent in the Men’s Beverage Room playing shuffleboard and trying, without success, to beat the late Ted Lemaistre Jr. Great memories…

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  1. Saturday afternoons spent in the Men’s Beverage Room playing shuffleboard and trying, without success, to beat the late Ted Lemaistre Jr. Great memories…


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