The Devil’s Rocks Grant’s Creek — Buchanan’s Scrapbooks

The Devil’s Rocks Grant’s Creek — Buchanan’s Scrapbooks

With files from The Keeper of the Scrapbooks — Christina ‘tina’  Camelon Buchanan — Thanks to Diane Juby— click here..

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
12 Dec 1958, Fri  •  Page 19
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
07 Jun 1975, Sat  •  Page 31
Allan’s Mills, named for William Allan, was a small milling hamlet located just west of the town of Perth in Lanark County. The community got its start after Allan built saw and grist mills, followed by a general store and blacksmith shop. A post office was opened in 1872.
At its height, Allan’s Mills included a wagon maker, shoemaker, carpenter and two blacksmiths. The surrounding area was dotted with other small mills that included the McCabe Mill, the Ritchie Mill and the Bowes Mill. A school located on the Scotch Line was shared by all the surrounding settlements.
By the late 1890s, business was beginning to slip. Timber supplies had become depleted and farmers were making a gradual transition from wheat to dairy farming. Many of the mills did not survive the upheaval. Read- Allan’s Mills— Lanark County Ghost Town
Roadside view of Bowes Mill, on Bowes Road, Bathurst Ward, Tay Valley Township; Former dam and millpond at right. CLICK
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
12 Oct 1955, Wed  •  Page 26

Perth Remembered

March 12, 2015  · GRANTS CREEK at DEVILS ROCKS 1910 Postcard. Anyone remember going back in there, behind what is now Conlon Farm and St. John’s HS?

Paul GordonIt was also a favorite Playground of myself and my good friends:Keith Fournier,Greg Bowes,Bart Young,and Bruce Blackburn–what an amazing natural setting–visited many times over the years.

Lyle MoodieGreat spot for spearing frogs & cranberry picking

Debra Sistywhat an adventure to be there for a day, we thought we had walked for miles.

Bryant MoodieI used to go there by duck boat from the “ice house” where my dad manufactured ice.

Stephen FortnerThere use to be goats up there too. Not sure who owned them 

Jeff WrightWow, used to canoe or walk up there most evenings, either fishing or hunting. That brings back a lot of good memories.

Richard FrizellI spent hours and hours and hours playing there when I was a kid !

Grant’s Creek at
   Glen Tay Road click

Postcard was bought at John Hart’s Book Store in Perth

Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
09 Aug 1861, Fri  •  Page 1

Perth Remembered
January 22, 2018  · 

This photograph taken in 1901 at the time of Queen Victoria’s death shows the John Hart Book Store on Gore Street, decorated for mourning and remembrance of Queen Victoria. Mr. Hart, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, opened his establishment in the 1850’s. He did not only sell books, his retail merchandise included heavy goods, paints and oils which were stored in a two-storey building behind the shop. He also sold wallpaper and other fancy goods and fine prints.

The Wendigo’s of Devil’s Mountain

The Devil’s Telephone? The Ouija Board

Memories of When the Devil Visited Drummond Township

Please take the Devil Out of Me? Rev. James Wilson of Lanark

Here Comes the Devil

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