Another Memory of the Cavers family in Appleton

Another Memory of the Cavers family in Appleton
1894- Almonte Gazette

 (The Cavers name has become familiar to me because of a visit  to the Cavers family home here in Ramsay recently. The farm holds a great deal of interest for me and I have come to learn a little of the people who lived there. 

Yours truly, Daphne Stevens Carp

November 1980- Almonte Gazette

This is another memory of the Cavers family in Appleton

Appleton postcard 1907 Thanks to Cathy and Terry Machin

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1901 Census

Name:Alexamder Cavers
[Alexander Cavers
Racial or Tribal Origin:Scottish
Marital status:Married
Birth Date:7 Aug 1864
Birth Place:Ontario
Relation to Head of House:Head
Can Read:Yes
Can Write:Yes
Can Speak English:Yes
District:Lanark (South/Sud)
District Number:81
Sub-District Number:2
Family Number:1
Neighbors:View others on page
Household Members:NameAgeAlexamder Cavers36Cathrine Cavers32Christeen T Cavers6Ethel T. Cavers3Robert Cavers45Christeena Cavers43

From Community Stories North Lanark Museum

Only two years after the Collie Woollen Mills began production World War Two began. The war was a major boost to the local economy. The mill shifted to 24 hour a day production in order to fill the military contracts. The mill produced woollens for uniforms, blankets and other military needs.

The war deeply affected the community of Appleton as sons and daughters enlisted to protect their country while families worked extra shifts at the mill.

When the war was over, the community prepared an honor roll that hung in the Appleton Community Hall. The honor roll now resides at the North Lanark Regional Museum in Appleton:

This honor roll, which hung in the Appleton Community Hall until it was destroyed by fire, commemorates those Appleton residents who volunteered for active service during World War II. A silver star denotes those soldiers who gave their lives.

Bert Aitken
Stewart Aitken
John Barden
Leslie Barden
Gertrude Blaney
Earle Bridges
Frank Cavers (*)
Harold Cavers
Melville Cavers

John Collie
Jean Collie
Henry Collie
Forest Dezell
Harold Dowdall
Gordon Duncan
Hugh Duncan
Kenneth Duncan
Robert Duncan (*)
William Duncan
Arthur Fee
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Leonard Ford
Jack Gallagher
James Galvin
Jack Gladish
Max Gladish
Gordon Hallahan
Rupert Hopkins
William B. Hopkins
Russell James (*)
Hugh Kennedy
Earle Lowe
Stewart Neil
Bernard Pye
James Pye (*)
Keith Salisbury
Clyde Service
Ralph Sinnett
Harold Snedden
Lawrence Spinks
Leonard Spinks
Eric Stead
Neil Stewart
Raymond Struthers
William Struthers
George Walkley

Entrance Examinations

List of Successful Candidates to the Carleton Place High School:

Glen Allen,

Ellison Arbuckle,

Alice Armstrong,

Alice Bennett,

Ivan Brundige,

Eva Bellamy,

Ethel Cavers, Appleton

Muriel Culbertson,

Leonard Davis,

Peter Dunlop,

Alice Doucett,

Marguerite Ferguson,

Fraser Findlay,

David Findlay,

Mary Fitzgerald,

Lillian Fulton,

Marguerite Fulton,

Thomas Graham,

John Kellough, Appleton,

Victor Kellough,

Myrtle Lambert,

Irene Lahaie,

Hazel Leakey,

Roy Lester, Appleton,

Arthur McDiarmid,

Donald McDiarmid,

Victor McDiarmid,

Jean McDougall,

Eady McFadden,

Helen McNeely,

Lena McGregor,

Eva Montgomery,

Velma Nichols,

Andrew O’Brien, Appleton

Blanche O’Brien,

Harold Playfair,

Marion Sinclair,

Irma Stewart,

Marjorie Timmins,

Cecil Turner, Appleton,

Mabel Walford,

Marion Walton,

Emmett Welsh,

Ina White

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