Pitcher Flynn Causes an Explosion in Almonte

Pitcher Flynn Causes an Explosion in Almonte
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 Sep 1934, Sat  •  Page 20

Because of the proximity of Almonte and Carleton Place, excellence of the highway connecting them and consequent density of traffic induced thereby, a practice has grown -up in both towns that is a perfect nuisance to motorists and to people residing on connecting links of the highway in Carleton Place and Almonte. We refer to the constant demand for rides that comes from a group of young people living in both towns. The Almonte outfit hitchhikes its way to Carleton Place in the evenings and begs on the comers of that town for a free ride back.

The Carleton Place nomads work their way here in the evenings and pester motorists to death for a return trip. It wouldn’t be so bad if these youths behaved themselves while waiting for a chance but truth of the matter is they spend their time singing ribald songs, arguing among themselves and cursing every motorist who refuses to pick them up. We presume the Almonte crowd carries on the same way in Carleton Place. It seems about time action was taken to wind up the practice of purposeless hitchhiking between these two towns.–Sept 1934 Almonte Gazette

An insidious system or practice has crept into our secondary and high schools during the past decade. We refer to the prominence given to certain types of sport, particularly rugby and hockey. These sports are splendid exercise if played in moderation but when they become a fetish it is time to call a halt. It would almost seem as though we were affected with a virus from our neighbour Almonte. These sports, physically, only enjoyed by, a selected few, dominate the conversation and thoughts of the pupils in general to the detriment of academic instruction, which in all said and done is the paramount objection of secondary and high schools. Sept 1934-Carleton Place Canadian

Local Sports 1930

John EdwardsGananoque clubhouse in the background. Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Carleton Place team

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Darlene PageClarence waugh is the coach my grandfather better known as barney and aunt tootsie (Delores Agnel) on the end right standing. My Aunt gave me this picture she said it was the first all womens team . My aunt is about 14/15 there and she was born 1930 so 1946 ish I would guess .

1964 CPHS

Llew LloydMerdy Armstrong deserves tons of credit for introducing the house league inter mural team concept to C.P.H.S. Each house contained students from grade 9 to 13. It was a great moral builder and helped bring the school together as one unit.

Hannah White very graciously sent in three photos of life in CPHS years ago– most likely the 40s. This note came with it:
Hi Linda,
I wanted to send you this picture I found of my grandma. I only know of her on it but I don’t know anyone else.
My grandma’s name was Lois (Macdougall) Stanley. The two basketball pictures are from CPHS. I want to say they are from around 1946ish

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