Let’s Hear it for the Almonte Boys — Gail Barr — P G Sensitive LOL

Let’s Hear it for the Almonte Boys — Gail Barr — P G Sensitive LOL

Everyone needs to be remembered.. and after I saw the photos of these guys– yes mam, they were part of Almonte’s part history LOL-All photos of The Turd Cats by Gail Barr

Gail Barr–Bruce Barr (my brother), Chris Newton (Morgan) and Jimmy Christie

Laurie LadouceurWow Bruce has not changed much but grayer

Rosalyn WingGreat pic! So nice to see !

Susan Elliott ToppingWow! Great pic!!

MJ WhittakerGreat pic I remember Jimmie spending a lot of time at our house and when he and my brother Donald had their pig farm.

Lynda ChristieLet’s hear it for the boy’s they were quite the bunch

Diane CampbellLynda Christie awww so nice to see those pictures of Jim.

Kathy DuncanWow! Haven’t seen these 3 for a long time

Jim VaughanHahaha got into some trouble with this bunch …awesome

Jim Vaughan
May 28 at 10:14 AM  · 

Beggars Banquet 1974

Sandra ThompsonOh wow, brings back the memories!

David MartinBronco

Lynda ChristieJimmy was the greatest Dad ever. Our two kids love seeing pictures, hearing stories ! Now that they are older. Lol

Lynda Christie I have other pictures!! Jimmy is a bikini 👙😳

Sylvia McGeeHey Marty. Thanks for the trip down memory lane 💕🤗Let me know if you want Mum’s donut recipe …Sylvia Christie McGee

Gail BarrThe lads sure knew how to have fun. They dressed up as women and had a “float” in the parade. Not sure what the theme was??😳

Gail Barr
May 28 at 8:57 AM  · 

All photos of The Turd Cats by Gail Barr

Gail Barr Photo

Allison ChristieGail Barr looks a little too comfortable lol thanks for sharing

Marty TaylorWhere is the house located in this pic?

Gail BarrThis home was outside CP Tia and Dieter Licher owned it. Donald and Jimmy lived there. They had a pet pig and goat. Good times

Sylvia McGeeGail Barr they trained Danny the pig to live indoors, trained to oink at the door for a bathroom run and again to come inside. Cute wee pig when they first thought to bring him in, sitting on their lap for tv nights. At the end, she took up the entire couch ! One morning she died … that’s when they found out he was a she. Originally intended for food , but no one could bear the thought of eating Danny. Memories … hope I got the facts straight … Lynda? Don?

Gail Barr
May 28 at 8:58 AM 

All photos of The Turd Cats by Gail Barr

Gail BarrSafety First!! Don Cameron and John Leishman dancing on the hood of a moving vehicle in a parade

Marty Taylor Before everyone became so sensitive about absolutely everything!

Jaci SmithsonNice stems boysJaci SmithsonNice stems boys

All photos of The Turd Cats by Gail Barr

All photos of The Turd Cats by Gail Barr and yes that would be the old red and white store

Cochran’s Shell Service– Gail Barr

Photos of Almonte- Gail Barr

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