Johnny J. McGregor — Still Buster Mayor and Fancy Man

Johnny J. McGregor — Still Buster Mayor and Fancy Man

110 Bridge Street Carleton Place Circa 1870

The façade of 110 Bridge Street has probably been renovated since it was initially built, and the original structure was probably was made of clapboard and later on stucco was put on to replace the clapboard. Originally, the building was the office of John (Johnny) J. McGregor, who was the county sheriff, commonly called doctor, but certainly was not a doctor of any kind. Carleton Place was ‘dry’ in his days but there still was a good number of bootleggers. Johnny was short in stature and wore a long fur coat in the winter that dragged through the snow like a western rustler.

Whenever a raid was to be carried out Johnny had to present and he would be transported to the scene of the crime by Kidd Bryce Taxi and word on the street was there were never too many successful raids.

In 1907 he became a license Inspector tor for the north riding of Lanark, and nine years later was placed in charge of the entire county. For a number of years he was a member of the provincial police, a position he retained until , until he became mayor in 1934. He was a warm friend of Dr. R. F. Preston, first mayor of Carleton Place, a bachelor until death and a reputed fancy man

March 17 1928

Constable Frank Rose callled to Carleton Place to assist Prov officer JJ McGregor to raid on premises of X reported reported to be selling moonshine. No evidence. ( read about Johnny McGregor here-Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series– Volume 8–Olympia Restaurant to McNeely’s)

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
29 Dec 1934, Sat  •  Page 25

J. W. Bengough, noted Canadian cartoonist, entertained a Town Hall audience with his skill, making such sketches of local celebrities as Reeve William Pattie at his desk, Dr. J. J. McGregor extracting a horses’ tooth, Arthur Burgess in his automobile, William Miller in a horse deal, and Tom Bolger with his hotel bus at the railway depot.

SUSPECTED HOG CHOLERA. Numerous reports came to our notice where hog cholera was suspected. I visited many farms both in Ontario and Quebec, but found sickness in swine principally due to injudicious feeding or to bad hygienic surroundings, often both these conditions combined. Pneumonia and verminous bronchitis were very prevalent, the cold damp spring and summer being particularly favourable for these maladies. Many cases of gastric troubles, both chronic and acute, were seen. A farmer near Toronto, who was feeding his pigs on hotel swill which contained strong alkalies (powdered soaps which are used in washing dishes), had over one hundred sick and unthrifty pigs. I also saw many lame and crippled hogs, their condition being due to feeding largely on highly carbonaceous foods. GLANDERS. During the outbreak of glanders in the city of Ottawa and vicinity, I have assisted in the inspection and also the testing with mallein of suspected cases. I have tested thirty-two horses, five of which reacted. Seven horses that showed marked symptoms of glanders were destroyed without having to resort to the test. I have inspected a large number of horses clinically in and around Ottawa and Hull, being suspected cases reported to us by the city police and others. Dr. J. J. McGregor, of Carleton Place, Ont;, reported two cases of glanders to the department. I visited Carleton Place and found two well marked cases of glanders. Both horses were destroyed, and the premises properly disinfected.

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
20 Mar 1929, Wed  •  Page 12

Brother of Mrs. J McFarlane

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
07 Aug 1937, Sat  •  Page 27

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
06 Aug 1907, Tue  •  Page 12

The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 May 1907, Sat  •  Page 19


Thanks to Ron Shawone of our iconic history writers.. Please check out his books.

1870 – Born: July 13, 1870, Carleton Place, s/o James McGregor (1837-????) & Isabel Collins (1839-1907)

1896 – Graduated Ontario Veterinary College, Toronto

1897 – Appointed Federal Government Border Inspector of Livestock Contagious Disease.

c1900 – Opened Veterinary Practice, Carleton Place (“practiced for 20 years” – c1920)

1907 – Appointed (Liquor) License Inspector, Lanark County North Riding

1916 – Appointed (Liquor) License Inspector, all of Lanark County

1921 – Census, John J. McGregor, occupation “Inspector”.

c1927 – Appointed “An officer with special authority and jurisdiction all over Ontario” (C. P. Canadian 1935) i.e., June 1, 1927 … “For a number of years, he was a member of the provincial police …” (Ottawa Journal 1934)

1932 – Retired from Provincial Police (OPP)

1932 – Elected to Carleton Place Town Council

1935 – Elected Mayor of Carleton Place

1940 – Died 18 June 1940, Carleton Place (Death Cert occupation “Officer Provincial Police”)

all from Ron Shaw

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