What Happened to the Riddell/ Montgomery Doors? Three years later…  Sherri Iona (Lashley)

What Happened to the Riddell/ Montgomery Doors? Three years later…  Sherri Iona (Lashley)

In 2017 I did a blog about: Riddell— H B Montgomery House History For Sale

Joyce Murray called me to say she had the doors from the Montgomery house and they are changing everything in the home.

Joyce has two group of doors. One with glass and the other original wooden doors.. Check listing below. Some of my house comes from other homes in Carleton Place so I feel that I need to share this so we can keep it close. Just the way I think:)

Then two days ago Sherri Iona sent me this.

Evening Linda,

My Kindred Spirit first cousin Sonya (Blackburn) Spurway posted two related stories today, which says I could share with you. The first “I would like to share a photo with you from my childhood. This is one of my favourites. It is my mom with Kent, my older brother, Sherri my kindred spirit and special cousin, me and my cousin David. We are all sitting on the front veranda of my Nanna and Poppa’s beautiful home in Carleton Place. Do you notice the from door behind us with the stained glass? There were two huge solid oak doors with stained glass in them…….to be continued! ”

For all those that don’t know this is HB Montgomery former home on Townline and Bridge Street ( red brick one across from the stone Gillies home)

Photo by Sherri Iona (Lashley)

My Aunt is Iola Montgomery Blackburn. L-R Kent Blackburn, me Sherri Lashley (now Sauvé), Sonya and my brother Dave Lashley

Before-In 2017 I did a blog about: Riddell— H B Montgomery House History For Sale

Photo from Sherri Iona (Lashley)


Part 2

“Well continuing my story …. Shaylan my daughter was doing what she does best, finding the most unique gift for me. She was lucky enough to find an antique store ( Murray’s) in Carleton Place that had bought these doors from the new owner during renovations he was doing to the home. She and her husband Brian brought them to me as a very beautiful Christmas surprise. ( about 3 years ago). Well I would like now to share one of the the finished projects resulting from the doors. The stained glass from the two doors had broken pieces in both, but a local artisan was able to use the good pieces and create the most beautiful stained glass window hanger!!!” Note I saw these doors for sale on Tales of Carleton Place and told Shaylan, Sonya’s daughter, who made arrangements to get them.

With Stetson. Looks small. He had many over the years. Photo by Sherri Iona (Lashley)

#supportlocal-So give Joyce a call or hop on down to Murray’s Furniture & Flea Market–for some interesting things.

525 High StreetCarleton Place, Ontario Call (613) 253-1804

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