More Clement Clippings — Almonte

More Clement Clippings — Almonte
Unexpected Almonte
August 2, 2019  · 

“Clement House” on Brougham Street, in 2019 (after an awesome renovation). This building or a version of it on this site is thought to be the very first “registry building” in use pre-1879, the year the Registry Office next door was built.
Note: The 2nd pic below is of the iron shutters in the front room of this building. It is believed (but yet to be confirmed) that the first jail in Almonte was in this building – perhaps a “drunk tank” not necessarily an official jail.
Photos- Christine Moses
L-R Front Row-Marie, Gr. Grandma Clement,Gr. Grandpa Clement,Beatrice,Edna–Back Row-Pat, Frank (Cheese-my Grandpa),Della,Trixie,Vi and Orville.–Photo from Susan Elliott Topping
Hello Linda,
I love reading your posts about Almonte and it’s rich history. I grew up there and it will always be home. My Great Grandfather E.P. Clement was a great part of Almonte. I can still see him in his three piece suit and cane (which we think was just for effect) strolling downtown to pick up the paper. I know he also backed some businesses to help them get started.
The manger scene at St. Mary’s church every Christmas was built by him many, many years ago. Mr. Finner, who lived nearby and a couple other helped him take it to the church when it was finished. It was built in the Finner’s garage. The bells you hear ringing from the same church were donated by my Great Grandfather. My Mom says every time she hears them, she thinks of Great Grandpa.
He also did a lot of work on the old St. Mary’s School. His home was actually the first jail in Almonte, where he and my Great Grandmother raised raised their large family! There are two of their children left now. Theresa (Trixie) Robillard, and Vi Larose, who is turning 102 years young in November!! Whenever I had to do a project on Almonte in school I would head to Grandpa’s and my Great Uncle, Fred LaRose’s houses, because I think between them, they knew just about all there was to know about Almonte!–Susan Elliott Topping
The Vinton Record
McArthur, Ohio
25 Jul 1867, Thu  •  Page 3
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
10 May 1913, Sat  •  Page 14
The Gazette
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
18 Oct 1940, Fri  •  Page 1
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
20 Jan 1944, Thu  •  Page 12

Susan Elliott Topping– The Clement home-Spring Street. Almonte.–Her brother lives there now!

Did you know?

One Hundred Years ago the residential section of Almonte was Queen, Main and Princess Streets. New England was mostly forest. Elgin Street had but four residences and Church Street three. From the corner of Mill and Bridge Streets South to Country Street there were but five buildings. Just around the corner at Country Street was Robert Anderson’s store and dwelling. I am inclined to think that over this store was the first lodge hall of the Almonte Masons.

The Island (Coleman’s) was mostly under timber. But across the stone bridge was Tennant Brothers’ store (one of the earliest ) and on the Power House lawn was the first Village jail. Joseph Jamieson was the first lawyer in Almonte, having come here from Arnprior in 1867. He first lived on Wesley Street in a row of plaster houses which were torn down about twenty-five years ago. He had intended to be a printer and founded the “Renfrew Journal.” Later he studied law in Perth with W.O. Buell and practiced for a short time in Arnprior. He was the last Reeve of the Village of Almonte, and also an early Warden of the County of Lanark.

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