Clippings of Miss Schoular

Clippings of Miss Schoular

Born in Tatlock, Darling Twp., Lanark, Ontario, Canada on 2 Dec 1895 to James Scoular “Schoular” and Margaret McKay. Elizabeth Ann Schoular passed away on 22 Jan 1985 in Almonte, Lanark, Ontario, Canada.

When Elizabeth Ann Schoular was born on December 2, 1895, in Lanark, Ontario, her father, James, was 32, and her mother, Margaret, was 33. She had three brothers and three sisters. She died on January 22, 1985, in Almonte, Ontario, at the age of 89, and was buried in her hometown.

Heather MoatYou brought back memories of Miss Scholar’s class yes not enough books so we shared.That was a long time ago,you have a great memory.Cheers

from Don Andrews… “hello almontemay years ago when i was in grade one, mrs scholars class, i wonder how many people remember her.there was always a shortage of books and we had to double up.i was always paired up with elizabeth warner, me being from the country and being very shy, i think i was doing a lot of blushing.she moved away and i have thought of her many times over the years”,-Don Andrews

Norma QuinnMiss Scholar was my grade one teacher and also taught my dad

Janet I. ScottMiss Scholar taught my brother David Ritchie too.

Sandy FranceMiss Schoular taught my father in 1918 and me in 1946.

Susan Elliott ToppingDuncan J. Schoular’s daughter Elizabeth, is also a retired teacher.

Dave RooneyI delivered the Ottawa Journal to her in the 70s until the Journal shut down. Very nice woman.

Margaret Jones DrennanMiss Schoular taught me in 1950. I remember that I loved her class. Every Hallowe’en I remember her well because she showed us how to draw and colour pumpkins.

Margaret McNeelyIf u check out the pic of my 1943 school class Miss Schoular is in the background.

1943 school class

Janet I. ScottShe taught my brother in Grade 1. Probably 1954 at Church St. Public School.

Judy MortonLoved Miss Schouler, my first grade teacher. I was only five years old in Grade 1. I went over to the school with a friend when his Mom was registering him for Grade 1 and since there was an xtra desk, Miss Schoular said I could stay, so that’s how I started school at age 1!

Peppy MockoI remember her as a real nice lady & a character

Sheila BelrangoIt was ‘Miss’ Schouler and she taught Grade one in the ChurchStreet Public School. She taught both my Mother and myself. There are a very few teachers today as dedicated as she was.

ill a discussion—- Marte Sheldrake

I remember Miss Schoular also, although she never taught me as I moved to Almonte from Windsor in 1952 when I was placed in Miss Ross’s Grade Four class with Don and his cousin, Bob Andrews. We went through the next four years in the same classes and you’re right Don–you appeared very shy, an admirable quality in hindsight!
I met Jack De Sadeleer once as his sister, Judy, was one of my best friends until she married and moved to southern Ontario.As to the photo of the grocery store (see story), I don’t believe it was ever Harry Gunn’s. In the fifties it was owned by a Mr. Pobst ( sp.? ) until he closed it . But you would buy items at the counter and he or his assistant, Harold Woermke, would climb a ladder and take the items off the shelves, wrap them in brown paper, tie them with a string and hand them to you. Kind of like a sketch from “the Two Ronnies “.He closed the store in the late fifties and it became Mappins Jewellry Store, managed by Mr. Pobst. In 1965, my father, Perce Baker, bought the building from Bob France and it became Baker’s Gifts and Flowers, as my dad had also purchased The Flower Shop on Farm Street from George Gomme.Harry’s grocery store was on Bridge Street, just behind our building. He later had a dress shop across from Peterson’s Dairy on Mill Street. Since my husband Derek died almost two years ago,I now spend my time living between Ottawa and London, England where my fiancé lives and when people there ask me where I’m from, I very proudly say ” ALMONTE ” !Marte ( Baker ) Sheldrake

Mrs Schoular backrow

Name:Elizabeth Scoular
Racial or Tribal Origin:Scotch (Scotish)
Marital Status:Single
Birth Year:abt 1896
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence Date:1 Jun 1921
House Number:21
Residence Street or Township:Farm St
Residence City, Town or Village:Town of Almonte
Residence District:Lanark
Residence Province or Territory:Ontario
Residence Country:Canada
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Father Birth Place:Ontario
Mother’s Name:Margaret Scoular
Mother Birth Place:Ontario
Can Speak English?:Yes
Can Speak French?:No
Can Read?:Yes
Can Write?:Yes
Months at School:B1-24
Employment Type:2 Wage Earner
Nature of Work:School B
Out of Work?:No
Duration of Unemployment:0
Duration of Unemployment (Illness):0
Municipality:Ward 3
Enumeration District:97
Sub-District:Almonte (Town)
Sub-District Number:44
Enumerator:John Lawson
District Description:Ward 3, Polling Division No. 1 – Comprising all that part of the said Third Ward north and west of a line formed by Bridge, Country and Perth streets
Neighbours:View others on page
Line Number:35
Family Number:21
Household MembersAgeRelationshipMargaret Scoular58HeadElizabeth Scoular25DaughterGella Scoular23DaughterAlexander Scoular20SonJames Scoular18Son

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