Snippets of Allan Code —Code Motors

Snippets of Allan Code —Code Motors

I have documented a few things about Allan Code, but not enough. I saw this on Carleton Place Social Scene the other day

Hey everyone, Iooking for anyone who might be able to shed some knowledge on local history. I recently picked up an old Volkswagen to restore and according to MTO it was sold new here at Code Motors Ltd. From what I can find on Google it shows up as 228 Lyndhurst St which is a house. If anybody can remember anything about this dealership or has any pictures I would love to hear! Matthew Belyea

Ted HurdisCode Motors was across from the Ford dealership where Unique motors is now. They were a very well established VW dealership and one if the first Ski Doo dealerships around. Allan and Elenor Code lived here all their life.

Francois MaltaisWhen Mr Code had his auction i bought so much stuff. I bought his desk still filled with code motors papers and memorabilia. I also acquired his plate from the town council services.

Dan WilliamsMy first interactions with Code motors was when they were on the town line. It was later moved to High street beside Prince of Wales school and then moved out to highway 7. Besides Volkswagen they also did some Honda stuff back when Honda cubs were popular here. I had one. The guy I remember best was a Rintoul. Sorry the first name is gone in the fog of old age but I’m sure it will pop up some time when I am trying to remember what day it is!

Linda Seccaspina-When I was there I told her how her father had saved someone’s life. In the early 90’s I taught aerobics at the Sussex Club in Ottawa. One of the members was on the verge of depression. Her husband had left her, she had two small children, and was destitute. When a friend was driving her to Smiths Falls, she saw Alan Code’s dealership and stopped to look at the cars. She had advised Mr. Code she would probably not be able to afford it, but he patiently sat down with her, and they picked out her car from the colour to the upholstery. The delivery date of 6 months was her goal to get her life in order. I don’t think she ever did pick up the car, but she eventually got a job, and all was right in the world. She told me she credited her success for the future to Mr. Code. He had given her hope

Allan Code’s old dealership on Highway 7– now Ford

Alan Code late 1970s

Advance Automotive
November 9, 2020  · 

Milton Dennie Autobody Collision Specialists & Licensed Technician . This was around the year 1999 I believe. Notice the price of diesel in the back ground. These were the guys of Code Motors Volkswagen Dealership in Carleton Place . A business ran for just over 50 years by Allen & Elenor Code . Milton was very proud of this Dealership & respected by Allen & Elenor & loved working with each of these men .
Back row: Glenn Yuill , Darryl Yuill , Don Smiley, Dave Pointer , Chris McFarlane
Front Row : Brent Devlin( Retired Apple Hill Towing Owner) Carl Fournier ( Now Service Writer at Tim’s Service Centre Carleton Place ) Mark Stanzel , LAST BUT NOT LEAST MY HUSBAND THEN & STILL TODAY MILTON DENNIE 😂😂. The Owner along with me of Advance Automotive in Perth since Code’s closed in 2002 .

Dave Porteous at Bean Chevrolet
October 17, 2013  · 

Look at this #classic I pulled off of a trade-in today. Reminds me of Carleton Place, Ontario before it really started to grow. Anyone ever buy anything from Code Motors #BackInTheDay?

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