Which McNeely Farmhouse is this? Quarry Road


Hi Linda!

I am wondering if you might be able to help me gather some history on the farm house we moved into a few years back. It’s known as the mcneely farm on quarry road and lots of folks seem to have a story to share about visiting or growing up here. It was built in 1892. I am wondering if you might consider posting a picture of it on the Tales of Carleton Place page to see if anyone has memories, photos or stories about it? We found a note inside out fire place from Mr Lemaistre when he built that. I’m hoping I can get a few more gems from our community. Anyways I would love to know more about this house and land. I’m sure at nearly 130 years old it has some stories to tell!

(Also – there seems to be more than one McNeely farm or perhaps fold are misremembering the name of ours – when I had searched the group and an old map I had seen two other locations. Hoping I can get some clarity on the name, too!)

Ariel Tubbins

Number 1

Muriel Simpson, Howard McNeely old farmhouse 4 corners McNeely where Independent now stands

Muriel did not live to see the day of box stores and having the new road and bridge named after the McNeely’s, and I often wonder today how often she would be complaining about the new structures. She would probably throw in a “Hmmph” and “For Land’s Sake” in the conversation every 60 seconds. Of course there is no doubt she would throw her hands up in the air and repeat what she would tell the neighbours when we were building the addition on my home.

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Number two on Highway7


Jennifer Fenwick Irwin
May 25, 2013  · 

Number 3 on Franktown Road

So Who Lived at 410 Franktown Road?

The Secret of the Widow’s House

Marg McNeely–Hi Linda…..I wish my father-in-law was alive…he could tell you all about the McNeely house on Franktown Road…..he was Lorne McNeely and he knew the two McNeely sisters who lived there. My hubby does remember the sisters living there and that they drove a 1939 or 1940 Buick.


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